“One yuan anti-cancer” kitchen is popular. In addition to treatment, these points are equally important

Next to a cancer hospital in Jiangxi Province, there is an alley full of human feelings, which is full of human fireworks and life styles. This alley is also known as “one yuan kitchen”. < p > < p > the wanzuocheng couple who founded the “one yuan kitchen” were at first just a couple selling breakfast beside the cancer hospital. In 2003, a mother came to their breakfast shop. The mother’s son was suffering from cancer and was undergoing difficult anti-cancer treatment. They only wanted to eat a bite of the rice made by his mother. When the couple saw that the mother was pitiful, they lent her the kitchen to her, and it passed on from generation to generation Hundred, this narrow lane gradually filled with people. < p > < p > at first, Wan and his wife did not charge the families of these cancer patients a penny, but many of their families were upset and offered to pay. In order to reassure these families and maintain the most basic water and gas charges, Mr. and Mrs. Wan zuocheng charged low fees to the families of these cancer patients. These people are the families of cancer patients, who are experiencing the most difficult time in their lives. However, the appearance of Wan Zuo Cheng and his wife has given them a trace of warmth in their originally cold life, and has given millions of families wireless hope. And for cancer patients and their families, nothing is more important than hope. < / P > < p > in this era of cancer, many cancer patients are undergoing anti-cancer treatment. For these people, anti-cancer is not only the process of fighting cancer cells, but also the process of fighting heart demons. < / P > < p > for cancer patients, regular treatment is the first step. Cancer patients should trust doctors and treat them according to their individualized treatment plan. Staying up late does great harm to the body. Staying up late for a long time may even lead to the decline of resistance. However, cancer patients themselves are very weak. If they can’t ensure enough sleep, it may be harmful to the recovery of the disease and affect the therapeutic effect of cancer. < p > < p > therefore, cancer patients should develop regular work and rest, stay up less, drink less or eat less stimulating drinks and food before going to bed, so as to ensure a good sleep quality. < / P > < p > in fact, some cancer patients do not need to be hospitalized during targeted treatment or chemotherapy, so they can take appropriate exercise, such as running, Taiji, or mountain climbing and so on. It is understood that exercise can not only promote fat burning, achieve the effect of weight loss, but also promote cancer cell apoptosis, which is conducive to the recovery and stability of the disease. In addition, cancer patients need appropriate exercise after treatment to improve their resistance and survival rate. < / P > < p > nutrition intake is also very important for cancer patients. Cancer patients are generally weak and need adequate nutrition to support patients to fight cancer cells, so as to provide sufficient physical strength for a series of treatment of cancer patients. < / P > < p > we know that the treatment of cancer is very painful. The side effects of chemotherapy, targeted therapy and other treatments are relatively large. If the patients do not have a good, optimistic and strong attitude, it is difficult to persist. < / P > < p > therefore, for cancer patients around us, we should give more encouragement and care. Maybe your words and a caring look can become the driving force for cancer patients or cancer families to persist. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”