Online mobile phone sales ranking in July: Huawei won the double crown, Apple’s strength did not decrease, OV was disappointing

It is the second half of the year. Although the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of the year has been controlled and the affected industries have already entered the recovery period, it is undeniable that there are still many industries that have not yet fully recovered, and the smart phone industry is one of them. According to the domestic mobile phone market report released by the China Academy of communications in July, the total domestic mobile phone market shipment volume in July was 22.301 million units, down 34.8% year-on-year. It can be seen that the domestic mobile phone market is still sluggish. So in this difficult period, which mobile phone manufacturer’s sales performance is the best? < / P > < p > recently, buy slowly big data monitoring released the sales data of mobile phone categories of tmall and Jingdong platforms in July 2020. In terms of mobile phone hot selling brands, Huawei ranked first with 443000 monthly sales in July, reaching 138596.1w; glory followed closely, with monthly sales of 26.9w and 46393w; Xiaomi ranked third, with 23.8w and 34159.9w in July; while Apple ranked fourth with 204000 monthly sales Newman ranked fifth with a monthly sales volume of 9.8w and a sales volume of 848.5w. < / P > < p > in Jingdong platform, Huawei once again beat many manufacturers with 100.8w monthly sales volume, winning the double sales crown of tmall and Jingdong platforms, as well as 232972.4w of sales; however, the subsequent ranking was quite different from that of tmall platform, with the monthly sales volume of 42.7w and the sales volume of 74226.2w; Apple also ranked third with the monthly sales volume of 40.2w The sales volume reached 241592.6w, which was also ahead of Huawei, which ranked first; Philips and oppo ranked fourth and fifth, with monthly sales of 10.1w and 8.6w, respectively. < / P > < p > to sum up, in the first list, Huawei has absolute advantages in terms of monthly sales and sales. Its sales volume is twice that of apple, and its sales volume is directly ahead of Apple’s 47684.9w. It is worth noting that in this list, vivo and oppo of the four domestic mobile phone manufacturers are not in the top five of the list. The monthly sales volume of vivo is 6.4w, while that of oppo is 6.4w The monthly sales volume is only 3.2w, which is less than a fraction of Huawei’s. < / P > < p > in the second list, although Huawei’s monthly sales volume is 2.5 times higher than Apple’s, its sales volume is lower than Apple’s, and Apple’s sales volume is also the highest in the whole list; in addition, oppo’s ranking has increased compared with the previous list, and its monthly sales volume is 8.6w, which makes it into the top five, but vivo is somewhat unsatisfactory. The monthly sales volume is only 2.6W, and it is actually in the mobile phone Nokia, which has no sense of existence, is left behind. < / P > < p > in a word, although the whole mobile phone industry is still in a downturn, Huawei has always been popular with consumers. Apple’s ability to make money can not be ignored. Even if the sales volume is less than half of Huawei’s, the sales volume is unbeatable. The performance of vivo and oppo is not easy to say, but considering that the two major brands are mainly focused on the offline market, It seems reasonable! Science Discovery