Online second hand trade in South Korea

Affected by the new crown epidemic, on the one hand, South Koreans reduce going out shopping, on the other hand, they begin to cover their wallets tightly, which makes online second-hand goods trading hot. According to the latest data of Nielsen Korea click company, a South Korean market research firm, about 10.9 million domestic smartphone users visited the second-hand trading platform in June this year, accounting for 26.9%. Among them, 28% of users are in their 40s and 22% are in their 50s. In addition, the second-hand trading platform has the largest number of views on Saturdays, and users spend the longest time using related applications on weekends. < / P > < p > the well-known second-hand trading network platforms in South Korea include “carrot market”, “lightning market” and “joonggo Nara”. They launch different strategies for different consumer groups and expand rapidly. For example, “carrot market” uses global positioning system to determine the user’s location and focuses on second-hand goods trading in the neighborhood; “lightning market” focuses on young people in their teens and twenties, supporting both second-hand goods trading and new product trading; “joonggo Nara” is an online community specializing in second-hand goods trading, with a large number of users. According to the analysis of fashion publications, the epidemic situation has given people more time to stay at home, find out idle goods, and then cash in or buy goods at reduced prices to cope with the possible difficulties in the future, so the second-hand trade is booming. In addition, enhanced awareness of environmental protection also boosts second-hand trade. Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865