“Open source” engineer culture behind Lei Jun’s “screen brushing” article

As one of the most remarkable start-up companies in China, Xiaomi has given an answer sheet in ten years. On the evening of August 11, Lei Jun, the founder of the company, delivered a speech “brushing the screen” in his ten years’ speech. On the future, he said that “the fire of innovation will light up every crazy idea, and Xiaomi will become the holy land for engineers.”. What culture does Xiaomi rely on to unite Internet engineers? Cui Baoqiu, vice president of Xiaomi group and chairman of the group’s technical committee, said in an interview with China Youth Daily. Zhongqing.com: “open source culture gathers global Internet engineers.” He called this open source culture “not only to stand on the shoulders of giants, but also to point out the direction of giants”, advocating deep embrace of open source culture. The growth of Qiu Haowen, an engineer, is inseparable from “open source culture”. Like many voice development learners and users around the world, he often uses the open source voice tool Kaldi. When he first met Daniel Povey, the father of Kaldi, during the interview, he resisted the impulse to take photos. What excites him is that when he joins Xiaomi, he will work with the top international expert in speech recognition and AI. < / P > < p > open source culture is the concept of “everyone for me, I am for everyone”. We can contribute to the community together, and the results can be used by everyone. Kaldi is one of them, which is considered as the cornerstone of the industry’s speech recognition framework. It integrates a variety of speech recognition models to promote the development of global speech recognition field. < p > < p > Daniel Povey is not only the founder of Kaldi community, but also an idol in the field of speech recognition. He has been responsible for voice development at IBM and Microsoft successively. In 2019, after Daniel Povey left his post as associate professor of language and speech processing center of Johns Hopkins University, he set his eyes on China, and major Internet enterprises and scientific research institutes have extended their olive branches to him. < / P > < p > “ensure that Kaldi is 100% open source”, which is one of the important reasons why he finally chose Xiaomi, and it is also a high consensus between him and Xiaomi. He believes that Chinese Internet companies represented by Xiaomi have a pure and ultimate open source culture, as well as the concept of openness and sharing. As soon as Qiu Haowen heard that Daniel Povey was working in China, he volunteered to be a member of his team. As a voice development engineer, he likes and benefits from the open source culture of Kaldi community. He can discover, use and exchange open source technology with internet engineers all over the world, so as to avoid many detours. < / P > < p > in the future, they will work for the next generation of Kaldi, which will influence voice developers around the world through its open source culture. At the same time, based on the important position of voice technology in Xiaomi’s “mobile phone + aiot” ecology, the development results will rapidly improve the voice experience of more than 100 million users. Taking Xiaoai as an example, by the first quarter of 2020, the number of active users of Xiaoai will reach 70.5 million. < p > < p > because of his outstanding performance in Apache HBase community, another open source project, Zhang duo was publicly praised by Lei Jun on Weibo and called him “the great God”. In 2018, Zhang duo ranked the third among the nearly 7000 global contributors of Apache Software Foundation, and became the chairman of Apache HBase project in 2019. Today, as the chairman of Xiaomi open source Committee, Zhang duo describes his work as “setting up a platform to let others sing”, which is another reason why he likes open source culture as a manager. Young Internet engineers can gain and feel pressure in the global arena, and be recognized when they get achievements. Under his influence, Mei Yi, who has just worked for two years, has become a contributor to HBase and one of the 17 contributors in China. The amazing growth rate of this girl has shocked the public. Xiaomi is one of the important technical contributors of HBase, and she has become one of the most outstanding. “We really embrace open source, encourage employees to participate in open source projects, any development results will be returned to the community, and any feedback will be synchronized to the community,” said Mei If you only use it without contributing, and do not participate in community construction, you will lose your influence in the community. < / P > < p > “this is one of the growth opportunities for infrastructure engineers.” Zhang duo commented on the significance of “open source culture” to the career of young engineers. < / P > < p > “open source culture will bring engineers a sense of achievement”. Cui Baoqiu has been dealing with internet engineers from all walks of life at home and abroad for many years. The growth of engineers needs not only the leadership of “great God”, but also a sense of identity. If the submitted code is selected by the community, the sense of achievement will be more important than material reward, just like “writing a good draft and forwarding it all over the world”. < p > < p > in the past, Xiaomi launched mix with reversal situation when encountering difficulties, which opened the era of comprehensive screen. Lei Jun said that the success of mix stems from Xiaomi’s strong engineer culture. It is engineers with innovative spirit who chat about the future of mobile phones in their “small talk”. < / P > < p > innovation still needs engineers. At the 10th anniversary meeting of Xiaomi, Lei Jun advertised for Xiaomi’s R & D team: “as long as you love technology, as long as you have excellent technology, you are welcome to come to Xiaomi to realize your dream.” The highest award within Xiaomi is the Xiaomi Technology Award, which is used to reward technical teams with breakthrough contributions. The bonus is a $1 million stock. Cui Baoqiu calls for global engineers with open source culture. He believes that the Internet is based on open source technology, while artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, which represent the future development direction of the Internet, will benefit from the open source culture. “Excellent technologies will be used all over the world and will be applied to hundreds of millions of devices, which is a real success I feel it. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia