Opening the era of 5g giant screen and glorifying X10 Max

As the successor of glory giant screen mobile phone, the release of glory X10 Max brings the giant screen mobile phone back to the eyes of consumers. Compared with the model with other features, Max’s feature is simple and direct, which is “big”. However, only “big” screen is obviously difficult to satisfy the increasingly fastidious consumers. What else does glory X10 Max have? Let’s have a look. < / P > < p > in the 5g era, most mobile phones can achieve a screen size of about 6.5 inches, but few mobile phones carry more than 7 inches of screen. This is not because mobile phone manufacturers think they no longer need large screen phones, but they are wary of the large body brought by large screen mobile phones. As one of the rare large screen models in 5g era, the glory X10 Max is very good at “body management” as well as bringing a large screen. Compared with the previous generation of glory 8x max, the glory X10 Max has not only reduced the length and width, but also maintained a good thickness of the fuselage. In particular, the weight of 227g is basically equal to that of mainstream 5g models. < / P > < p > in terms of holding, the glory X10 Max is easy to hold. Although the size of the mobile phone is large, it can also complete some operations such as NFC swiping, unlocking, typing, returning to the main screen with one hand. However, if you want to reach the left side or the top of the screen with one hand, it is still a little difficult to reach it with one hand. It is worth mentioning here that glory X10 Max supports full-function NFC, which can not only simulate bus card and bank card, but also simulate access card and car key. In addition, the NFC function of glory X10 Max also supports Eid, which can conduct online remote identification without disclosing identity information. < / P > < p > back to the fuselage design, glory X10 Max uses an ergonomic 35 ° angle design on the back of the fuselage. Through the arc-shaped processing of the frame around the back shell, the handle feeling is further improved. In addition, the fingerprint identification key of glory X10 Max is moved from the back to the side, which is combined with the power key to make unlocking more convenient. The glory X10 Max has two rear cameras, a 48 megapixel main camera and a 2 megapixel depth of field lens. < / P > < p > to say that the most remarkable feature of honor X1 Max is this 7.09 inch “giant screen”. The screen size of the glory X10 Max is 7.09 inches, the resolution is 2280 × 1080, and RGBW display technology is used. RGBW display technology is to add w sub-pixel on the basis of RGB three primary colors to make it a four color pixel design. Compared with the traditional three primary color arrangement, the power consumption of the screen can be better controlled under the same brightness due to the addition of white sub-pixel. < / P > < p > according to the official test, the glory x10max screen using RGBW technology saves about 14% of power compared with the single RGB screen, and the power consumption of the whole machine can be reduced by about 7%. Of course, with the advantage of W white sub-pixel, the glory X10 Max can maintain excellent display effect in indoor strong light or outdoor direct sunlight. There are many kinds of screen arrangements using RGBW display technology. Among them, the glory X10 Max adopts rgbrgw arrangement. This arrangement method uses a w white sub-pixel in every two RGB pixels to replace the original b-blue sub-pixel. Theoretically speaking, there may be slight color deviation and resolution reduction. However, due to the larger screen and the user’s distance, the visual perception is not obvious. < / P > < p > in the screen display adjustment, the glory also has its own uniqueness. Glory X10 Max improves the light intensity of green and red bands by upgrading the backlight, so as to ensure that users can see more colorful colors. We have measured that the NTSC color gamut of glory X10 Max in the “standard” display mode is 72.86%, and that in the “bright” display mode is 96.43%. < / P > < p > in addition, glory X10 Max still supports eye care and e-book mode. The former can effectively filter harmful blue light with the help of software algorithm, so as to achieve the effect of eye protection; the latter applies different brightness curves intelligently when browsing documents or other scenes, extending the dimension of eye protection to more refined fields. For the users who like to watch movies, the super division algorithm of glory X10 Max is also worth looking forward to. Glory X10 Max can improve the video display resolution through software interpolation, so that low resolution video can get a display experience close to high resolution. < / P > < p > after having a “Max” level screen, glory X10 Max naturally needs to upgrade its listening sense to bring about a better audio-visual experience. In terms of speaker design, glory X10 Max uses symmetrical speakers and places the speaker position on the top and bottom frames of complete symmetry, which brings precise and wide stereo sound effect, and even when holding the phone horizontally, it also avoids finger blocking the speaker. In addition to the special location of the speakers, the glory X10 Max also performs quite well. The position of the bottom speaker of the glory X10 Max is the same as that of the top speaker, and the middle frames on the upper and lower sides are plane processed, which makes it more comfortable to hold hands horizontally. < / P > < p > it uses dual 1217 superlinear speakers + Dual SMAR TPA + large cavity, and also supports the Huawei histen 6.1 sound effect. Glory X10 Max has two working scenarios, music mode and video mode, which can be switched intelligently according to the user’s use scenarios. Music mode pays more attention to the fidelity of sound, making the hearing more original; video mode highlights the sound field effect and improves the sense of watching video. < / P > < p > in other details, the back shell of the glory X10 Max still uses the design elements of the glory X10, and the light and shadow of the texture on the back bring a good impression. Similarly, the glory X10 Max also retains the 3.5mm standard headphone connector on the glory X10, which is good news for heavy movie enthusiasts and game enthusiasts. < / P > < p > the glory X10, which was released before, was equipped with Kirin 820, a medium and high-end SOC. In our test, Kirin 820 met our expectations and performed well in many aspects. As an “enlarged version” of glory X10, glory X10 Max does not use its own Kirin chip in SoC selection, but carries Tianji 800, an entry-level 5g SOC of MediaTek. Tianji 800 uses TSMC’s 7Nm process and integrates eight CPU cores, including four cortex-a76 high-performance cores and four cortex-a55 energy-efficient small cores, with the main frequency up to 2.0GHz. We have tested the actual performance of Tianji 800 in detail on the previous glory play 4. However, since the previous play 4 was an engineering machine and could not run software for theoretical testing, we mainly focused on theoretical testing in the glory X10 Max test. < / P > < p > in terms of endurance, a 5000mAh high-capacity battery is built into the wide fuselage of glory X10 max. with a more power-saving screen and a more intelligent power-saving system, the glory X10 Max can easily bring more than a whole day’s endurance experience. We run on Wi Fi for two hours and only consume 16% of the power. According to this calculation, we can meet more than 10 hours of game time, enough to meet the needs of heavy game enthusiasts. If it is only used to watch videos, the glory X10 Max can watch iqiyi online video on Wi Fi for more than 15 hours with full power, which can be seen in its endurance. In terms of 5g, the built-in Tianji 800 of glory X10 Max integrates the 5g modem Helio M70, supports NSA + SA network, covers all 5g bands currently used in China, and supports some overseas roaming bands. In the 5g network speed measurement link, we use Speedtest to measure the speed, the downlink speed can reach 721mbps, the uplink speed can also reach 108mbps, the performance is relatively good. < / P > < p > in general, glory X10 Max has a large screen and sound performance that other mobile phones can’t match at the price of 2000 yuan, lower power consumption of the screen with the same brightness, special speaker position and 3.5mm earphone hole, which jointly create this “portable cinema” in 5g Era. Although the SOC is only the entry-level Tianji 800, the performance is enough for ordinary users, and the performance of 5g network speed is also amazing. As a pioneer of big screen in 5g era, glory X10 Max will undoubtedly capture the hearts of big screen fans. 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