OPPO awesome, 2K screen + badminton racket shape 6 + Xiaolong 865Plus, in line with true fragrance law.

With the development of smart phones, especially with the blessing of comprehensive screen design, the appearance design of mobile phones has been improved unprecedentedly. Various forms of comprehensive screen design not only contribute to the rapid development of smart phones, but also give consumers more choices. At the same time, in order to meet the market demand, mobile phone manufacturers spare no effort in the design of full screen. Therefore, with the joint efforts of mobile phone manufacturers, the design of full screen mobile phone has been significantly improved in recent two years. < / P > < p > among the domestic mobile phones, oppo mobile phone is a mobile phone manufacturer that young people love very much, and it is also a very active mobile phone manufacturer in the exploration of comprehensive screen. Therefore, oppo mobile phones have launched a lot of well received products in recent years. In terms of products, oppo mobile phones have launched such amazing products as oppo reno4 series and oppo find x2 series this year. Both the appearance design and the hardware design of these products have left a deep impression. However, the industry is developing. I believe that oppo mobile phones will continue to make efforts in the future to bring more eye-catching products to the industry. Recently, a concept map of a new flagship OPPO machine was exposed on the Internet. The appearance and hardware design of the awesome machine are very powerful. Let’s take a look.

OPPO is awesome! In terms of appearance design, according to the concept map exposed, the front of the new oppo flagship adopts the design of full screen with hole digging, but it is similar to oppo find The awesome mobile phone design of X2 is that the hole area of the machine is integrated in the middle position of the top of the screen. This design makes the mobile phone face more harmonious and with a very narrow border design, so the screen proportion of the entire mobile phone is also very strong. In addition, this new oppo flagship adopts a 6.7-inch 2K screen, which is made of super AMOLED. At the same time, this 2K is also added with high refresh rate technology of 120Hz, so the screen display effect and experience of the machine will be more guaranteed. < / P > < p > in the back design of the mobile phone, according to the exposed pictures, the back of the new oppo flagship is made of glass. At the same time, the classic color matching of the body makes the whole mobile phone more mature and looks very textured. In terms of camera, the rear camera of the new oppo flagship adopts the design of 6-Shot badminton racket, which means that the six rear cameras are integrated into a badminton racket module. This design can be said to be very bold. At the same time, this design makes the back of the whole mobile phone look more distinctive and greatly improves the personalization of the mobile phone And differentiation. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that this new oppo flagship machine is equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 865plus flagship processor. As the flagship processor in the second half of the year, the super large core frequency of the snapdragon 865plus has been increased to 3.1ghz, and the performance has been improved by about 10%. At the same time, the performance of GPU has also been improved correspondingly. Therefore, with the support of snapdragon 865plus, the core performance of the machine is beyond doubt. In addition, it is reported that the new oppo flagship is equipped with a 4800 MAH high-capacity battery and supports a new generation of super flash charging technology. Therefore, the endurance of the aircraft can not be underestimated. OPPO is awesome! < / P > < p > conforms to the true fragrance law! As we all know, oppo is a mobile phone manufacturer who is very persistent in R & D and innovation. At the same time, its excellent product design and excellent product quality have won the trust and recognition of ordinary people. And the new OPPO flagship new machine that exposes the above, has the more awesome visual experience of the holed screen design. The addition of 2K screen ensures the display effect of the mobile phone, especially the design of 6 shot of badminton racket makes the identification of the machine go further, and the addition of Xiaolong 865Plus and other core hardware makes the comprehensive strength of the machine very powerful. If the above exposure of this new oppo flagship is true, in line with the law of true fragrance! Finally, what do you think of this new oppo flagship? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year