Oppo bright trump card: 120Hz refresh rate + snapdragon 865plus + 4800 Ma, this is oppo mobile phone

In the development of smart phones over the past ten years, domestic mobile phones have played an important role, not only lowering the overall price of smart phones, but also promoting technological innovation. For example, full screen and screen fingerprint unlocking technology are all from domestic mobile phones. As a giant in domestic mobile phones, oppo’s performance in recent years is also very eye-catching, especially in the screen and post image function, which is in the industry leading level. Recently, a new oppo concept machine has been exposed by foreign media. This machine not only has ultra-high appearance, but also has excellent performance. It is a top 5g flagship work. < / P > < p > oppo is a bright trump card, which can be seen from the exposed rendering. The screen of this oppo concept machine adopts the drilling screen design and the curved screen design. These two designs can greatly improve the appearance of the mobile phone and the proportion of the screen. It is one of the most popular screen designs among consumers. According to the data, the screen size of this oppo concept machine is 6.6 inches The super AMOLED screen has a resolution of 2400 * 1080 pixels, a refresh rate of 120Hz and a pixel density of 461ppi. The visual effect of the screen is excellent, which can bring excellent visual experience to users. < / P > < p > oppo strength is online. As can be seen from the exposure rendering, the front camera function of this oppo concept machine adopts the front single shot design, and the front camera of the machine is embedded in the forehead of the screen. According to the data, the machine adopts cop packaging technology on the screen, retaining the extremely narrow upper and lower frames, and the machine carries one in the upper frame The front camera of this machine has 32 million pixels, adopts f / 1.8 aperture, carries AI beauty technology, and supports AI shooting, HDR shooting, portrait mode, etc. Generally speaking, the front camera function of the machine has very good shooting effect and imaging effect. < / P > < p > in terms of post image, it can be seen from the exposure rendering that this oppo concept machine adopts a rear “Oreo” design, which is equipped with four rear cameras. In the current mobile phone market, the mobile phone with four rear cameras is very common. Every mobile phone with four camera post camera has excellent imaging effect and shooting effect, which is very popular Consumers like it. The pixels of the rear camera are 64 million main camera + 20 million super light angle lens + 12 million long focus lens + 3D TOF lens. It is equipped with PDAF phase focusing technology and OIS optical anti shake technology, and supports 120 ° super wide angle shooting, super night shooting, 60 times super zoom and other shooting functions. < / P > < p > according to the data, this oppo concept machine is equipped with a high pass snapdragon 865plus processor. This processor is the most top flagship processor in the industry, and is the next generation of snapdragon 865 processor. Its CPU performance and GPU performance are improved by 10%, and its performance is extremely strong. It ranks the top of the TIANTI performance list. It adopts 7-nanometer process technology process to support SA and NSA Dual mode 5g network, the oppo concept machine supports 12gb of running memory and 512gb of storage memory, and 8GB of running memory and 256gb of storage memory at least. The operating system is Android system. < / P > < p > people familiar with oppo mobile phones all know that oppo mobile phones do a good job in the endurance function. According to the data, this oppo concept plane carries a 4800 Ma battery, supports 65W super fast charging function and 35W wireless charging function. It supports IP67 waterproof and dust-proof technology, and its body is equipped with Corning gorilla sixth generation glass Material, with top workmanship and quality, this is oppo mobile phone. In addition, according to the information, the release price of the machine is about 3999. I don’t know what you think of it. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?