Oppo officially released reno5 series: it is the first time to carry oppo FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system

On December 10, oppo officially released its first portrait video phone reno5 series. As a new product of 5g video phone Reno series, reno5 series focuses on portrait video shooting, and carries oppo FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, AI video enhancement and video super anti shake 3.0 for the first time. The battery capacity of reno5 Pro reaches 4350 MAH on the basis of keeping 7.6 mm thin body. In addition to mobile phones, oppo also released the Palace Museum co branded products: oppo Watch New Year Edition of the Forbidden City, oppo enco x Palace Museum Fuqi edition, and oppo smart TV Palace Museum custom edition wallpaper and theme. Qiao Jiadong, product manager of oppo Reno series, said: “Reno series, as the representative works of oppo power video track, carries our technical accumulation in the photo era, and also continues our understanding of portrait shooting in the photo era. In the era of 5g video, we hope that through reno5 series, users can shoot beautiful people, good people, beautiful scenery and good scenery. We also hope that reno5 series can help users discover and record the reality, nature and confidence of themselves and the people around them, and record every shining moment. ” < / P > < p > according to the introduction, the reno5 series will focus on improving the shooting experience of portrait video. Reno5 series is the first mobile phone equipped with FDF full-dimensional portrait and video technology system. It has 32 million water lens in front and 64 million water light portrait in back. It supports AI radiant video beauty, AI video enhancement and video super anti shake 3.0. < p > < p > among them, AI huancai uses intelligent AI algorithm to accurately identify race, gender, age, skin color, etc., and carries out differential beautification, so as to achieve the effect of “professional beauty”. At the same time, it can intelligently identify the acquired defects and natural features, deal with the defects, retain the natural features such as beauty nevus, retain the “true beauty” of users, and realize the user’s makeup customization on the video portrait in a digital way. < p > < p > AI video enhancement integrates and upgrades the super night scene of video and live HDR, and intelligently invokes the night scene and HDR algorithm according to the ambient brightness to improve the brightness and detail performance of the picture under dark light, and create a self timer artifact of the whole scene. Moreover, OPPO Kwai has opened this capability to the third party APP, and has now been connected to the quiver and the tiktok. Video super anti shake 3.0 adds scene judgment and motion trend judgment algorithm, based on different scenes matching corresponding anti shake strategy, to achieve more refined, all-weather anti shake effect. Reno5 series also supports multi view video, neon portrait, AI ID photo and soloop one-stop video clip, bringing more interesting shooting and playing methods. < / P > < p > it is worth noting that as a new color matching of reno5 series, “Star River dream” is upgraded to Star Diamond Technology Based on the previous generation of crystal diamond technology, and the crystal is upgraded to regular pyramid structure, with larger particles, higher coverage ratio and closer arrangement. It makes the rear cover of reno5 series more transparent, and the brightness is increased by 35% compared with the previous generation. < / P > < p > reno5 series also innovates the lamination process of the diaphragm. Through the superposition effect of dazzle color layer, texture layer and reflective layer, it can realize changeable and colorful, so that users can no longer worry about which color to buy. For the first time, the reno5 series Star River dream version also uses a moonlight mirror ring. After being illuminated by light, the camera module area and top decoration can emit yellow green fluorescence in the dark, which is more personalized and interesting. The thin fuselage is also an important part of reno5 series design language. The battery capacity of reno5 series is increased to 4350mah, and the cooling area of VC liquid cooling is increased by 372.82mm. The thickness of fuselage is controlled at 7.6mm which is the same as reno4 series, and the weight is only 173G. < / P > < p > in addition, reno5 series improves the game experience from the start of the game to the five-dimensional super sensory experience in the game, and then to the super play report after the end of the game. The lightning start of reno5 series games can make the games with high frequency of use enter the hot start state normally through the algorithm prediction, which greatly reduces the loading time of the next open game, and saves an average starting time of 15 seconds. After opening the game, the five-dimensional super sense game experience provides an exclusive optimization scheme from the sense of control, interest, picture, atmosphere and immersion. It also cooperates with King glory to debug up to 10 vibration waveforms. There are personalized vibration feedback in scenes such as “unparalleled in the world” and “five in a row”. The newly upgraded feel adjustment 2.0, with five adjustable gears for sensitivity and chirality, as well as anti touch setting function, allows each game to have its own customized feel. At the end of the game, “super play report” makes the in-game performance, killing, equipment and even APM, operation hot area, performance score and other data at a glance, and shares the user’s game record with one button. < / P > < p > the full link game experience optimization is inseparable from the underlying support of hyperboost 4.0. The newly upgraded game AI FM scheme: gpa-ai frequency conversion technology, makes the CPU frequency point control granularity finer, more accurate and faster, and it can quickly improve the frequency guarantee performance when the system has the risk of frame loss. In the common scenario, the control frequency saves power consumption, has moderate relaxation and is flexible. There is no longer a situation in which the version is updated and the game experience becomes worse. After GPA optimization, reno5 Pro can better control the performance and power consumption of the game. For many games including King glory, the maximum power consumption can be reduced by 8%, and the average temperature can also be reduced by 1 ° C.

is worth mentioning that OPPO Reno5 and Reno5 Pro have been tested and certified by Teal laboratory anti-aging performance to meet the requirements of anti-aging performance of five grades. When reno5 Pro was used for 30 months in laboratory, the fluency decreased by only 2.27%, and the response speed decreased by 71ms. < p > < p > AI self fluency system is the key to 30 months’ smooth escort. Through this system level optimization strategy of full link, full scene and full cycle, reno5 Pro achieves the application startup response speed increased by 38.26%, touch response speed increased by 21.05%, interface interaction fluency improved by 15.81%, and video recording fluency increased by 33.33%. < p > < p > with coloros 11.1, reno5 series can interact with smart devices such as TVs, headphones, watches and so on, creating a seamless interconnected experience. The screen sharing function can help parents who are thousands of miles away from home to solve their operation problems. The Bluetooth car key function enables the reno5 series to be unlocked without feeling after one pairing. This function will be launched in succession in Chang’an Automobile, ideal automobile and GAC new energy in this month, and more than 10 automobile brands will be connected in the future. < / P > < p > it is reported that there are three colors in oppo reno5 series: Star River dreams, Aurora blue and moon night black. Among them, reno5 Pro also introduces xingyuehong as the new year’s edition. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”