Oppo Reno SE full analysis: 2499, extremely lightweight and 65W fast charging, what users are worth buying

2499 yuan, what can I buy in the domestic mobile phone market? Either a redmi K30 Premium Edition with high memory configuration, or a Huawei 20 plus. Now, oppo gives us an option to buy an extremely light and thin fuselage + 65W fast charging model for 2499 yuan – oppo reno4 se. As the SE version of oppo’s light flagship series Reno, its performance is really good. The 169g fuselage can be called the lightest domestic 5g mobile phone, and its appearance is quite high. Let me give you a comprehensive analysis of this model today. Is this hardware cost-effective? Strictly speaking, it’s not high. But the purchase of digital products is certainly not only focused on the cost performance, but also on the fit with their own needs. In terms of processor performance, there are many models that are more powerful and cheaper than oppo reno4 se, but oppo reno4 se is as light as other models. And its Tianji 720 processor can meet the needs of the vast majority of mainstream users. When running mainstream mobile games, its performance is no different from that of snapdragon 765G and other processors. < / P > < p > advantages: the biggest advantage of oppo reno4 se is, of course, taking into account the 4300mah large battery, 65W super fast charging and excellent shooting module, and at the same time, it has achieved the extremely thin body of 169g, making it the lightest one among domestic 5g mobile phones. In addition, with the ultra-high color of the back cover, it is absolutely suitable for female users. The 65W fast charge can be filled in about 35 minutes in the laboratory environment. Oppo’s official designers are very aware of the needs of users. Shooting, battery life, fast charging and thinness are the breakthrough points that can greatly improve the user experience. Finding the right position is the winning code of oppo reno4 se. < / P > < p > disadvantages: first of all, the screen does not support high refresh rate, but still uses 60Hz refresh rate, which is naturally the biggest disadvantage of oppo reno4 se. However, the pixel density of 409ppi screen also brings it back to the top. The parameter specifications of this screen are similar to the mainstream flagship screens in previous years. Secondly, in terms of processor selection, the running point of Tianji 720 is about 35W, while the running point of Tianji 1000 + on the top commemorative edition of redmi K30, which starts at 1999 yuan, is as high as 50W. Such a big performance gap is still obvious when running large-scale mobile games with high image quality. For most users, it’s not just for heavy users. < / P > < p > recommended users: for users who have rigid requirements for battery life and fast charging, users who hope to experience light touch when using 5g mobile phones, and those who pay more attention to hand experience than parameters. < / P > < p > there is a hidden advantage in purchasing oppo reno4 se, which is the excellent quality control of oppo and the after-sales service almost covering the county level. It can be said that if you are not a “parameter user” and think that high brush is not a necessity, then this mobile phone can basically meet your expectations. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia