Oppo reno5 PRO + officially released new video and game experience upgrade

Beijing, December 24 (Xinhua) today, oppo Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. officially released oppo reno5 PRO +. As a brand-new product of reno5 series, reno5 PRO + is equipped with the imx766 sensor jointly developed by oppo and Sony, which brings more possibilities for portrait video shooting. At the same time, electronic competitive hardware, five-dimensional super sense games, lightning start, etc. bring a game experience from the beginning to the end, and realize the experience upgrading of “double trumps” of images and games. In addition, oppo reno5 PRO + artist limited edition achieves mass production of electrochromic technology for the first time, extending more imagination space for mobile phone design and providing a new vane for future mobile phone design. < / P > < p > this reno5 PRO + launch is equipped with the flagship sensor imx766 jointly developed by oppo and Sony, which optimizes the pain points of video shooting under the three scenes of night scene, backlight and motion, so as to achieve “no fear of light and dark changes, continuous focus locking”, and make the portrait video a step closer. < / P > < p > Sony imx766 supports full pixel omni-directional focusing technology, each pixel participates in focusing, and the unique 2×2 pixel structure can focus in both horizontal and vertical directions, making focusing more accurate, faster and more stereo. The video lock focus function can detect and recognize the human face, human body, pets, flowers and other subjects in real time, automatically focus first, and can remember the feature points of objects for real-time lock focus tracking. The addition of AI motion trend prediction can predict the motion trend of the subjects in real time, and do the focus tracking well in advance. < p > < p > Sony imx766 has 50 million high pixels and 1 / 1.56 inch large sensor area. Compared with the previous generation of imx586, the light input is increased by 63.8%. With the moonlit night scene video algorithm developed by oppo, the portrait video taken in dark light environment can be bright and clear. First equipped with dol-hdr, using the “quasi simultaneous” way of short and long exposure sampling technology, not only greatly shorten the exposure time interval, but also compared with reno4 pro, the dynamic range is improved by 200%, the image quality is improved by 200%, and the overall picture level is more natural. < / P > < p > oppo reno5 PRO + also supports AI huancai video beauty, AI video enhancement and video super anti shake 3.0, providing users with all-round and full scene portrait video shooting guarantee, so that users can easily shoot beautiful people and beautiful scenery videos at all times. < / P > < p > in addition to the powerful portrait video shooting ability, reno5 PRO + also supports the Flash capture function. Users can quickly focus when they press the shutter, and take an accurate and clear picture, so that users can shoot large films anytime and anywhere without the limitation of scene and time. < / P > < p > in order to let users enjoy the happiness of the game more purely, reno5 PRO + reshapes the whole process experience of the game. Based on the underlying support and excellent hardware capabilities of hyperboost 4.0, reno5 PRO + makes the game experience cool from the lightning start of the game, to the five-dimensional super sense experience in the game, and then to the super play war report after the end of the game. < / P > < p > when the game starts, the speed of reno5 PRO + entering the battle hall is about 15 seconds less than that of reno4 pro, which is almost 15 seconds away. < / P > < p > after opening the game, the five-dimensional super sense game experience provides an exclusive optimization scheme from the sense of picture, immersion, manipulation, atmosphere and interest. It supports the 90hz high frame rate image quality of more than 19 mainstream games, and the higher frame rate can make the game picture more smooth and significantly reduce the picture tearing. The full immersion mode can block alarm clock, notification, incoming call, control center, navigation gesture and other functions with one key. It can immerse in the whole process of the game without external interference. Hand adjustment support sensitivity and hand degree five gear hand adjustment, support user-defined, and built-in Dashen mode, you can configure the professional player’s hand with one click. The 4D vibration function of the game can automatically adapt to a number of mainstream games on the market, intelligently identify game scenes, provide different shock experience, and let players immerse themselves in the game process. At the end of the game, there is a “super play report” function, including in-game performance, kill number, equipment data, etc., which can let you at a glance and share your game achievements with friends. < / P > < p > the smooth game experience in the whole process is inseparable from the underlying support of hyperboost 4.0. The newly upgraded game AI frequency modulation scheme: gpa-ai frequency conversion technology upgrades the real-time operation frequency of the game from “manual” to “automatic”. It can automatically adapt to a variety of games, so that the CPU frequency control granularity is finer, and the scheduling is more accurate and fast. After the gpa-ai frequency conversion technology was turned on, the average temperature and power consumption of reno5 PRO + decreased by 1.2 ° C and 9.8% respectively. < / P > < p > reno5 PRO + provides excellent hardware foundation, equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 865 dual-mode 5g processor, 90hz refresh rate high sense curved screen and up to 12g + 256g storage combination, VC three-dimensional liquid cooling system, 65W supervooc super flash charging 2.0 and an equivalent 4500mAh double cell large battery. < / P > < p > while having larger battery capacity, oppo reno5 PRO + continues the lightweight feel and imaginative design of Reno series. The thickness of the fuselage is controlled at about 7.99mm and the weight is about 184g. It is not only easy to hold for a long time, but also can enjoy a carefree life. In addition to Xinghe dream color matching, reno5 PRO + brings a new floating light night shadow color matching, which combines the glittering and translucent Star Diamond Technology with the deep and introverted black, providing users with a unique black texture. < / P > < p > not only that, oppo, together with Los Angeles visual artist Joshua vides, brought reno5 PRO + artist limited edition, which is also the first mass-produced mobile phone equipped with electrochromic technology. < / P > < p > oppo integrates the surreal two-dimensional style into the mobile phone, so that the back of the mobile phone presents the feeling of three-dimensional falling two-dimensional, and the conflict of cross dimensional collision brings wonderful visual impact. In addition, Joshua vides has hand drawn many wave points to show the dynamic of the material on the back of the mobile phone when it changes color in light, which makes the whole mobile phone become an “arbitrary door” that runs through the second and third dimensions, and a kind of “unthinkable” design.

has been working hard for over three years since 2017. After conquering numerous technical problems and accumulating more than 100 patents, OPPO has developed a new organic small molecule material which is a gelatin state as flexible electrochromic diaphragm. Finally, the first production of electrochromic technology in mobile phone industry is realized. < / P > < p > the thickness of flexible electrochromic membrane is only about 0.15mm, and the weight is only about 1.5g. Compared with the thickness of several centimeters and the weight of several thousand grams of liquid and solid electrochromic materials, the flexible membrane technology can achieve a cycle life of more than 30000 times, and can be used for more than three years under normal use. < / P > < p > at the same time, reno5 PRO + is also equipped with the “Dong Dong” function. After the binding of two mobile phones is completed, double-click the back shell to change the color of each other’s mobile phones, so that couples who use two mobile phones at the same time can really feel the “telepathy”.

  OPPO Reno5 PRO + has two colors: Star River dream and floating light night shadow. The 8GB + 128GB version costs 3999 yuan, and the 12gb + 256gb version costs 4499 yuan. The reservation will be opened immediately after the press conference. It will be opened on December 29 in Huantai mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning and other online channels as well as oppo experience stores, the core business halls of the three operators, and offline stores such as Suning, Gome, Dixon, Shundian, etc For sale. Oppo reno5 PRO + artist limited edition, with 12gb + 256gb large memory, no price increase, priced at 4499 yuan, will start booking on January 18 and go on sale on January 22. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12