Oppo shows his sword, and Xinji also has a super cup. The first player is the Xiaolong 865, and he strives for the top 10 rice

The newly released Xiaomi 10 and Hongmi K30 are two of Xiaomi’s most important mobile phones in the second half of the year. Even if there is a new one in the future, it will not be the flagship. In addition, the new vivo machine has been in place, X50 series, iqoo5 series, S7 have been released. Among the three major manufacturers, only oppo is left, and the latest one is the new one, but the number is the largest. There are oppo, realme and one plus three brands under Opel. In the coming period, the new machines of the three brands will appear in turn. The realme X7 series will be released on September 1, the oppo reno5 series will also be released in September, and the one plus 8t series will also be released in September. Realme X7 series is the new flagship of realme. There are three models of medium cup, large cup and super large cup. The super cup adopts Samsung AMOLED flexible curved screen, carries snapdragon 865 and supports 125w fast charging. The one plus 8t series limps like the one plus eight series, because it has the best screen, it can only abandon the 125w fast charging and switch to 65W. < / P > < p > the oppo reno5 series is an offline flagship, focusing on fashion design and photography. However, this time, there are more super large cups, which means that oppo reno5 series, like vivo X50 series, can narrow the gap between offline and online in this way, and expand the user group. They like to take photos and choose medium and large cups, and they like to choose super large cups for performance. < / P > < p > vivo X50’s housekeeping skill is micro PTZ. What is the oppo reno5 series worth paying attention to? Digital big V revealed that oppo has mass produced periscope lens which supports 10x Optical Zoom and 20x hybrid zoom. The new periscope long focus can realize optical zoom at the equivalent focal length of 85mm and 135mm through three groups of periscope zoom lenses. With the F / 3.3 and F / 4.4 apertures, the optical ability of the lens can be fully utilized, and the maximum focal range coverage of 85-280mm can be achieved. < / P > < p > vivo micro pan tilt achieves more stable shooting, and oppo’s periscopic long focus has better zoom effect, which is the strongest in the industry in both directions. Just how many users really like taking pictures? Most people’s mobile phone cameras, that is, the daily scanning code. Wouldn’t it be better to switch these costs to screen processors? In terms of performance, oppo is also increasing its proportion. Last year’s oppo reno3 launched Tianji 1000L in the world. This time, the reno5 series will be the world’s first-ever snapdragon 775g and snapdragon 860, and the Super Cup will be equipped with snapdragon 865 +. Snapdragon 775g is an upgraded version of snapdragon 765G and a new midrange 5g processor from Qualcomm. With Samsung’s 6nm process, the CPU frequency of a77 architecture is increased to 2.4GHz. The GPU performance is equivalent to that of snapdragon 855. The performance of Angora is expected to be about 400000, surpassing the Qilin 820 and Tianji 820 processors. < p > < p > the snapdragon 860 is a reduced configuration version of the snapdragon 865. It is estimated that it only reduces the frequency. The GPU moves the knife, and there are no big changes in other aspects. Antutou runs around 500000 points. This processor is designed to further segment the market. Huawei has Kirin 990, 985, 980 and 820 chips, while Qualcomm only has snapdragon 865 and 765G, high-end snapdragon 865 and 1000 yuan models Xiaolong 765G, the middle of the market is in a blank, the launch of the snapdragon 860 is to fill this gap. < / P > < p > oppo reno5 PRO + is a real flagship. It carries snapdragon 865 +, supports 125w fast charging and 40W wireless charging. It takes only 13 minutes to fully charge. It also has an extremely thin fuselage. The starting price is expected to be about 4999 yuan. It is the real rival of Xiaomi 10’s premium version. Developed a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing