Oppo suddenly put on the new machine, the price is only 1899 yuan, the price butcher of 5g mobile phone

Oppo’s changes in mobile phone products are obvious to all. The original “high price and low configuration” has basically disappeared. On the contrary, it has launched a number of high cost performance models and won the favor of the market.

after the oppo reno4 series, oppo has suddenly launched a new mobile phone, oppo A72, with a starting price of only 1899 yuan, which can be called the “price butcher” of 5g mobile phones. According to the author’s understanding, the oppo a series is the main offline model, while the oppo A72 is equipped with 8GB of running memory and 128GB of body storage. It is the first batch of MediaTek Tianji 720 processor.

Tianji 720 also adopts 7Nm process. The CPU is A76 architecture, which is composed of two A76 cores and six A55 small cores. It is undeniable that the performance of this processor is different from Tianji 800 and Qualcomm snapdragon 765G, but I don’t think it will affect the daily use.

in addition, Tianji 720 also integrates a low-power 5g modem, which has relatively low power consumption, so users with 5g network speed need not worry. It is worth noting that oppo A72 also supports high refresh rate of 90hz. Although many 1000 yuan computers have used 120Hz screen, oppo A72 still has obvious advantages in high refresh rate screen, which can bring smooth operation experience.

However, the screen of oppo A72 is very flat. A 6.5-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080 is adopted on the front of the machine. Compared with the OLED screen in the same price, oppo A72 screen is not interesting. It does not support the display function of the screen, nor can it realize the fingerprint under the screen. It can only identify the fingerprint from the side.

This screen of oppo A72 adopts single hole screen design, and has three colors of neon, oxygen purple and simple black. The material of oppo A72 middle frame and back cover is plastic, which will also affect the handle of the machine. However, considering the positioning of the machine as an entry-level machine and the main supply of offline market, such configuration is also oppo.

in terms of image system, oppo A72 adopts a combination of 8 million pixel single shot in front and 16 million main camera + 8 million wide-angle + 2 million lens. From the perspective of parameters only, oppo A72 camera is more in line with the configuration of a hundred yuan machine. Although there is no problem with daily code scanning, users will not feel a better photo taking experience.

in other aspects, oppo A72 has a built-in 4040 MAH battery, and the battery capacity is in order. I think there will be no problem when it is used in 5g network for a day. However, some of the charging power of oppo A72 is greatly reduced, and only supports 18W fast charging technology. You should know that there are already 30W fast charging in the same price.

overall, the configuration of oppo A72 is slightly backward compared with the competitive products, but there is still a certain market offline. Moreover, the price of 1899 yuan also lowered the threshold of 5g mobile phone.

Author: zmhuaxia