Oppo went all out to challenge Huawei mate40 with double 64 million + Tianji 1000plus + 51mah

In recent years, with the continuous progress of manufacturing technology, the development of full screen mobile phones can be said to be very rapid. Especially driven by the comprehensive screen, smart phones have made a qualitative leap in appearance design. These changes are mainly reflected in the proportion of screens and visual experience. Therefore, the rapid development of full screen mobile phones not only makes smart phones have better reading experience and entertainment experience, but also plays a crucial role in the progress of science and technology. < / P > < p > oppo mobile phone is a well-known and powerful mobile phone manufacturer. Its products not only spread all over the country, but also have a certain popularity and influence in the world. The key to the success of oppo mobile phone lies in its deep operation of offline sales channels, and its excellent product quality and product design have accumulated good reputation and popularity. Of course, the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. I believe that oppo will make every effort to bring you more excellent products. Recently, a group of conceptual drawings of oppo flagship new machine were exposed on the Internet. The appearance and hardware design of the machine are excellent. Let’s have a look. < / P > < p > oppo goes all out! In terms of appearance design, the concept map shows that the new OPPO awesome new machine adopts the “capsule shaped” holing screen design, which is very good in digging area control. Meanwhile, the 32 million +1200 pixel preposition lens is integrated into the hole, so the self timer performance of the new machine will be more powerful. In addition to the extremely narrow frame design, the screen share of the machine also has a very prominent performance. In addition, this new oppo flagship uses a 6.7-inch Samsung aomled screen with a screen resolution of 2K, so the display effect of the machine will be very clear and delicate. < / P > < p > in the back design of the mobile phone, according to the exposure pictures, the back of the new oppo flagship adopts 3D curved glass technology, so the transition between the back of the mobile phone and the middle frame is very natural and tight. At the same time, the addition of a variety of body colors makes the selection of the machine more abundant. In terms of camera, this new oppo flagship adopts the design of rear four cameras, which are integrated into a matrix module, and the matrix module is designed in the upper right corner of the back of the mobile phone. This design can be said to be unique and looks very recognizable. In terms of parameters, it is reported that the camera is equipped with dual 64 million pixel main lens, and the other two are 12 million pixel + 5 million pixel respectively. If this is the case, with the support of double 64 million main cameras, the camera’s photographic performance will be further improved. < / P > < p > in terms of core hardware, it is reported that this new oppo flagship new machine is equipped with MediaTek Tianji 1000plus mobile platform, which adopts 8-core CPU architecture and 9-core Mali G77 GPU is one of the few flagship chips in the market that integrates 5g baseband. Therefore, the core performance of this new oppo flagship is not to be underestimated with the blessing of MediaTek Tianji 1000plus. Moreover, it is reported that the aircraft is also equipped with a 5100 MAH large battery and supports 65W super fast charging technology. If this is the case, the addition of 5100 MAH large battery will ensure the endurance of the aircraft. Oppo is going all out! < p > < p > challenge Huawei mate40! As we all know, Huawei mate40 is a flagship product that everyone is looking forward to this year. It is learned that this machine will adopt a new appearance design and stronger hardware performance, so Huawei mate40 will be a very competitive product. And the new OPPO flagship new machine, which is exposed, has made the design of the “capsule shaped” hole full screen awesome. The dual 64 million pixel main camera added the camera performance to the expectation, especially the 1000Plus hardware and the 5100mAh battery. If the above exposure of this new oppo flagship is true, challenge Huawei mate 40! Finally, what do you think of this new oppo flagship? Welcome to leave a message for discussion! Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?