Or full picture fragrance: Nikon D610’s frustrations

Since the beginning of this summer, I started to write the drying list, because the photos taken with XR were not clear. Later, I told my friends that the Nikon D90 he bought several years ago was also idle. When I heard that I needed it, he let me play with it first. Anyway, he also used less electronic products. The electronic products were better to use, but they were easy to be damaged when they were idle. Therefore, the Nikon D90 was always used in the photos Yes. But it’s not very good to use others’ all the time, so I decided to double 11 to see if there are any cameras worth starting with. Both micro single and SLR are OK. The budget is about 5K. After all, we have to support our family! < / P > < p > before, there was very little research on cameras. We only knew about micro single and SLR. After checking Du Niang, we knew that there were other differences between them in addition to the differences in body size. < p > < p > SLR camera refers to a single lens reflective viewfinder camera, also known as SLR camera. It refers to a camera that uses a single lens, and the light shines on the mirror through the lens, and takes pictures through the reflection. < / P > < p > the so-called “single lens” means that the exposure light path and the viewing light path share the same lens, unlike the side axis camera or the double mirror camera, the viewing light path has an independent lens. “Reflection” refers to a plane mirror in the camera that separates the two light paths: when the mirror falls down, the light of the lens is reflected to the Wuling mirror and then to the viewing window; when shooting, the reflector is lifted up rapidly, and the light can be irradiated on the film or the CMOS or CCD sensor. In other words, this word means that this kind of camera has a compact size and the image quality of an SLR. In other words, the small and compact camera with SLR function is called micro single camera. The micro single camera is between the card digital camera and the SLR camera, just like the netbook between notebook computer and smart phone. < / P > < p > I also feel good about micro orders and SLRs. Before I was ready to buy, I looked at various models of micro orders and SLRs with similar prices, from Nikon’s d3500 and d5600 sets, to Canon’s eos200d2, 750d, 800D, M6, black card 5, Olympus’s e-m10, and so on. Look at the price for a long time, I’m afraid there is a bug price missed, ha ha ha! After discussing with LP later, she thought that when she went out, she still mainly used mobile phones, and it was estimated that she still used less micro single devices. Then I only considered the SLRs of Nikon and canon. After all, it was good to hold SLRs. PS: it’s too expensive. I can’t afford it! < / P > < p > when I buy digital products, I trust qiangdongge family more. I feel that the service attitude, delivery and after-sales are very good, which also leads to the smooth resolution of some small disputes. Thank you for the after-sales manager of Dongge family. < p > < p > the double 11 activities of qiangdongge’s family began in November, with various pre-sale and price reduction activities. The pre-sale activity of Nikon d5600 which happened to be concerned that day. As long as you pay 100 in advance and pay the balance of 4199 during the double 11, you can take the d5600 home. It feels very good. Although it is an entry-level half picture, all kinds of parameters are definitely better than the D90 on hand. With WiFi, you can quickly start to pay! I placed an order on November 1 and delivered it on the 3rd. As a result, I happened to be on a business trip and didn’t get anything. I was in the unit all the time. < / P > < p > when I was on a business trip, I talked about it with my friends. I didn’t want to be spurred by the group’s brother Dei, who played with all kinds of equipment. The 5600 was too bad, the entry-level was not worth it, WiFi was chicken ribs, don’t buy a set of machines… I’m speechless, can I compare with your party of 10000 yuan? Only the reliable strawberry gentleman told me that it seems that the full picture Nikon D610 is also on the price reduction. The model is a little old, but the water is squeezed out. It is worth starting. The single machine is slightly more expensive than the d5600, and there are 12 interest free periods, which is about no money. But I have to quit d5600 before I can start! < / P > < p > after coming back from a business trip, I chatted with the customer service of qiangdongge’s family and prepared to return the goods for 7 days without any reason. The customer service gently said to me: Hello! When you buy Nikon products, it is stated in the pre-sale that the goods are not allowed to be returned within 7 days without reason! I’ll go. Who will pay attention to the small words under the commodity price? < / P > < p > No, I have to have a good chat. I photographed the 5600 outer packing box in the after-sales service list, and the service feedback sheet said: I haven’t opened the package at all. You are a overlord clause. < / P > < p > after a day, Jingdong customer service little sister called me: I’m sorry! Our products did not meet your requirements. We did not support 7 days return without reason when the goods were sold in advance. You see, I’ll report to the after-sales manager here. I’ll keep the service list and compensate you with 100 yuan of Beijing coupons. What do you think? Little sister: I’m sorry! Would you like to see if you have any friends? We are reflecting the situation upward, and we will give you a reply in two days! < / P > < p > on the day of double 11, my little sister finally called me again, saying that this is only one time. Next time, I need to see the details of the goods, and I will help you return the goods this time! < / P > < p > the service of qiangdong’s family is really not worth mentioning! See the arrangement of courier door pick-up at the same time, I immediately went to order D610, 12 interest free, also send battery handle, really fragrant! The layout of the basic buttons is similar to that of the D90, and the silicone on both sides is very comfortable, so it will not be easy to get rid of it. The D610 can insert two memory cards, so you don’t have to worry about insufficient memory when shooting. < / P > < p >} the free battery handle can put the same battery as the host in the upper left corner, and four No. 5 batteries can be put in the upper right corner, so that you don’t have to worry about the battery life when you go out. < / P > < p >} all the stray cats in the unit come by themselves. They are ripe when they are fed, and the team is becoming more and more large! < / P > < p > although this purchase is a bit of a storm, the result is still good. The full frame d6102426 million effective pixels, 39 point auto focus system, iso100-6400, 6 frames / sec fast continuous shooting, supporting 1080p Full HD animation recording. The film effect is really very good, later want to buy a fixed focus lens, you can pat your daughter, sun single. There are many places to learn. The buttons on the fuselage are enough for me to ponder for a while. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!