Or support 120Hz high brush, the configuration gap between the four iPhone 12 is a little big

According to the past practice, Huawei, apple and other companies have released their flagship products, but this year, with some exceptions, Huawei and apple have delayed the release of new products. But as time came to the end of September, there was also more and more online news about new products, especially the iPhone 12. First of all, according to the information of the explosion, this year’s iphone12 has four models, and the smallest version of 5.4 “is changed to the iphone12 Mini. Moreover, the mobile phone is also equipped with castrated A14 chip, whose name is B14, which is a bit disappointing. It is said that the iPhone 12 Mini does not support 5g, it is a 4G mobile phone, with small screen, shrinking performance and no 5g support. I wonder what the significance of Apple’s release of this mobile phone is? Want to rely on reducing cost to reduce the price of mobile phones, to attract users by low prices, feel consumers will not necessarily pay! In addition, there are news on the Internet that the configuration gap of the four iphone12 phones launched by apple this year is a little bit different. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with the best screen and camera. Far more than the other three iphone12, it is the king of the world to have a super large cup… According to the previous information, the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with an independent camera module, and support two anti shake technologies, sensor shift and OIS, and a lidar unit will be equipped to further improve the shooting power of the mobile phone. In practice, it is certainly not bad in the actual experience. It is even more reported that this year’s iphone12 has 120Hz high brush, but only the iPhone 12 Pro Max will support it. Of course, high-tech support is good, at least apple is not behind, and this year’s iphone12 batteries have shrunk, if all on 120Hz high brush, power consumption can not eat. It is also worth noting that this year’s iphone12 series phones may still have 64GB versions. It seems that Apple really tried to find a way to reduce the average price of the phone. 64GB is really not enough… In general, the information about the iphone12 series of mobile phones that are reported online is mixed. There are many annoying news. However, the mobile phone supports 5g, A14 chip, ios14 system, stronger camera configuration, etc., which also makes people very much look forward to it. I hope there will be surprises in price. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”