Order 6 issue interest free limited time special offer 200 to buy glory PLAY4 pro on Jingdong

As the first flagship product of glory play series, glory PLAY4 Pro has received high attention since it came into the market. At present, it enjoys 6 issues of white note interest free in Jingdong, and has a special offer of 200 yuan. The price is as low as 2699 yuan. It can be said that it is worth a lot. If you want to start, please go to Jingdong for a link at the end of the article. < p > < p > glory PLAY4 Pro is equipped with Kirin 990 flagship processor. The whole system supports dual-mode 5g full Netcom network mode, covers the current mainstream 5g frequency band, and supports self-developed 5g high-speed rail mode. It refuses signal dead angle and enjoys high-speed Internet experience anytime, anywhere. Glory PLAY4 Pro is equipped with 8 + 128GB storage combination as standard, with 4200mah large battery built-in, and supports super fast charging with peak power of 40W. < / P > < p > glory PLAY4 Pro supports 40 million ultra-sensitive dark shots. The main camera uses ryy B ultrasound sensitive filter array, which can absorb 40% more light input than the common rggb filter array. The imaging quality in dark light environment has been greatly improved, with higher brightness and clearer image quality. Glory PLAY4 Pro has the colors of mecha blue, magic night darkness and Iceland wonderland for you to choose from, which is more suitable for the aesthetic and preferences of young people. Continue Reading865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!