Original God: does Android become smooth after opening 60 frames? But mobile phones have become “hand warming”

When Yuanshen’s mobile phone was opened, there was a lot of controversy over the issue of locking 30 frames on the Android platform. I, including myself, were quite confused about why I could not get a smooth game experience while holding a high configuration mobile phone. In addition, under the premise of locking 30 frames, there would still be frame dropping under the circumstances of playing strange things and complex scene elements. I don’t know whether it is the mobile phone or the game optimization problem. However, MIHA also responded in time by announcing that Android’s 60 frame option would be added in the same week. They did, and they opened the function two days after the announcement, and optimized some other problems. The mobile phone was tested immediately after the news was heard. The following are the specific experiences:

first make complaints about the heat of Tucao, and at least there is no change in the body sensation after optimization. It is still less than two minutes in the field and can clearly feel the fever of the cell phone, and there has been no sign of improvement. If it is in winter, I feel that the “warm hand treasure” completed in two minutes is still very intimate, but it is summer now. According to the current volume and seamless switching map of Yuanshen, as well as the trend of adding new areas in the future, the hot mobile phone will be a long-term problem with the original God. It seems that unless MIHA has developed some “black technology”, it is almost impossible to understand. Next, the real theme of today is fluency. The 60 frame option can still be turned on in a very low image quality configuration, but even so, turning on only one 60 frame will bring the other settings to the minimum. The game still prompts that the device load under the current configuration is “seriously too high”, which scared me to switch back to 30 frames. However, in line with the principle of testing, I finally set the mobile phone image quality to the default medium, and pulled the frame rate to 60 frames to see how the game behaved: < / P > < p > sure enough, the difference between 60 frames and 30 frames gives people a very intuitive visual experience. Although the naked eye can clearly see the continuous slight frame drop, it is still smooth to explore in the large map and experience it for a long time They are relatively stable. However, after entering the battle, there was a slight jamming in the first war, mainly due to the sound effect and background music, but the operation had no effect on the whole; there was a jamming in the middle of the battle, which was relatively smooth in the rest of the time, which was acceptable on the whole, and improved compared with the performance of the newly opened service. There was no obvious jamming when the angle of view was rotated. As for the details of the picture, it is still the feeling of “hazy beauty”, but I think it is the most important to ensure the fluency first. < / P > < p > it can be seen from the above that in addition to the leap from 30 frames to 60 frames and some small progress, the performance of proto God on the mobile phone still needs to continue to work, especially the fever problem is really dissuasive. Therefore, many proto God players usually take the mobile phone as the second choice for playing, and open the mobile phone terminal for cleaning up in their spare time when they go out or lie in bed, and so on Mechanical operation, long-term play will give priority to PC terminal. Yuanshen has just opened the service for a short time. Of course, there is time for MIHA to optimize. However, according to the current performance and the new features of multi terminal platform, and the original God’s original ambition, maybe MIHA you should consider making trade-offs, in case of being constrained by the optimization of mobile phone. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!