“Original God” mobile terminal open service, “low-end mobile phone” can barely play, climbing negative optimization can not bear

The PC terminal has been online for some time in advance. On September 28, the mobile terminal finally ushered in the service opening. However, the mobile terminal, which originally focused on “mobile game”, has more problems. Especially the players with lower mobile phone configuration have a poor experience. Generally speaking, low-end mobile phones can only play it reluctantly. If you want to experience the game completely, the PC terminal is more reliable. < / P > < p > there are two problems with the mobile phone. One is that Apple’s iPhone 8p below can’t even enter the game before, and the restrictions were temporarily removed the day before the service was opened. However, in fact, many players have flashback and black screen, which is consistent with the official warning. It really takes nearly two years of new mobile phones to play. If you want to open the highest picture quality, you may need a future mobile phone. < p > < p > and Android may be even worse. Locking the 720p resolution + 30fps frame rate, you can’t see it. If you haven’t played PC terminal, you may be able to get used to this kind of low image quality, but if you play PC terminal and then play mobile phone terminal, the gap is too big, just like watching a mosaic running. Fortunately, the government is already considering solving this problem. It may not be long before we can experience normal high-quality images on Android phones. < / P > < p > but relatively speaking, the national service can still play at least. There are many cases of map loss in the foreign service, which is particularly eye-catching under the official service opening celebration news. The same problems are mostly mobile phones or tablets, while the PS4 version of the service is not much of a problem. < / P > < p > while updating on the 28th, we also secretly carried out the “negative optimization” about mountain climbing. Before that, we could see the characters. After the update on the 28th, some angles became transparent. As long as the perspective was raised a little bit, we couldn’t see the characters. Many players expressed doubts about this. Why should we do such a negative optimization? Is it interesting to watch a physical bar climb the mountain? < / P > < p > whether it’s station B or microblog, there are many players who reflect this problem. However, the official only answers the technical problems such as mobile phone model and lock frame, and doesn’t mention the question that everyone is questioning. Whether “negative optimization” keeps going or suddenly changes back, it depends on MIHA you’s own ideas. < p > < p > in a word, Yuanshen Kaifu is not so smooth. Some problems are the problems that must be faced by multi platform games, and some problems are due to the fact that MIHA you has not done a good job. Listen to the suggestions of players to make word-of-mouth better. If you change the game at will without considering the feelings of the players, even if you make money in the short term, it is not good for the long-term brand. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12