OTOY launched the next generation NVIDIA A100 GPU node on rndr’s Google cloud

This fall, octanerender users will access Google cloud computing’s new and 40Gb video memory as soon as possible. The 8-way NVIDIA nvlink NVIDIA A100 GPU instance supports 1.6 TB / s memory bandwidth. In most memory intensive scenarios that provide excellent storage capacity, ultra fast GPU rendering time requires very high memory intensive scenes – previously, it can only be used outside the kernel or when the CPU rendering speed is slow. Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of OTOY, said: “for nearly a decade, we have been pushing the boundaries between GPU rendering and cloud computing to the point where artistic creation is no longer restricted. With the Google cloud NVIDIA A100 instance with massive VRAM and the highest octane bench in history, we have reached the first place in GPU rendering – artists don’t have to worry about the complexity of the scene when they implement their ideas. ” < / P > < p > Urbach added: “octanerender GPU accelerated rendering can democratize democratic visual effects, enabling anyone with NVIDIA GPU to create high-end visual effects comparable to Hollywood studios. Google cloud’s NVIDIA A100 instance is an important step in further democratizing advanced visual effects. Octanernder users can access the most advanced NVIDIA GPU on demand, which was previously only available to large Hollywood studios. ” < / P > < p > “the Google cloud accelerator optimized VM instance is one of the only places to connect 16 GPUs through nvlink topology, enabling artists to break through creative boundaries without sacrificing speed or performance. The introduction of A2 instances into rndr is game changing ultra-high-resolution production, machine learning enhanced rendering workflow, and the next generation of immersive media formats, “said Manish sainani, director of product management for Google cloud’s machine learning infrastructure. < / P > < p > the rndr network, launched earlier this year with octanerender 2020, allows artists to choose between rendering jobs on a secure enterprise GPU, or to take advantage of the powerful processing power available on a decentralized GPU network. Artists who work with rendering on the rndr enterprise layer can also use the decentralized GPU to implement the overflow function, thus flexibly scaling rendering on thousands of peer nodes in due date or ultra-high resolution formats. < p > < p > OTOY Inc. is a leading cloud graphics company, and its groundbreaking technology is redefining content creation and delivery for global media and entertainment organizations. Oty, an award-winning artist, provides an unprecedented foundation for artists to create new, dynamic, and cost-effective content for creative and creative artists using Oty. Continue ReadingVideo Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer