Outdoor flower photography series: solve 14 problems of Rhododendron photography, shoot professional works

Is to solve the outdoor flowers how to shoot, how to shoot more professional problems. Flower photography is a photography subject that is easy to learn but difficult to master. The advantage is that everyone can easily take pictures, and the disadvantages are also obvious. The effect of photography is basically the same, and the gap between the photography and the masters is very large. This is also the direction of this tutorial, as far as possible to help you prompt the shooting level, so that you can shoot professional photography. We are in line with the theory of reducing hollowness, more practical skills, starting from common flowers, through practice, to effectively improve your photography level. Song Dynasty poet Yang Wanli’s “why do you need to see the spring breeze in a famous garden? You can’t miss the mountain flowers all the way.”. Day by day, the Jinjiang River looks like a brocade, and the Qingxi river reflects the red mountains. ” Let the Rhododendron spread through the ages. Rhododendron, also known as “YINGSHANHONG”, is a flowering shrub with evergreen and deciduous leaves. They are one of the most popular flowering shrubs in spring due to their bright colors, abundant flowers and adaptability to various soils and climates. Rhododendron has rich and diverse cultural and historical significance. It is usually regarded as a symbol of feminine beauty. < / P > < p > the beauty of Rhododendron makes it undoubtedly a frequent visitor in the lens of photography enthusiasts. However, different from other flowers, Rhododendron is one of the most difficult flowers to shoot because of its numerous flowers and luxuriant leaves. There will be many problems when shooting azaleas. Today we will solve them together to help you shoot works with professional standards. < / P > < p > how to shoot azalea landscape works? How to use macro lens to show the most distinctive stamens of Rhododendron? Why shoot azaleas in or after rain? How to use the background correctly when shooting azaleas? How to shoot azaleas on a black background? How to shoot azaleas with negative spatial composition? How to shoot the Rhododendron with full composition? How to make full use of the foreground to shoot azaleas? How to shoot the Rhododendron with scattered scenery effect? How to shoot the portrait of azalea? How to make Rhododendron photography dynamic and aura? Why not just shoot the blooming azaleas? How to shoot the Rhododendron with artistic beauty? 1. How to shoot azalea landscape works? < / P > < p > we all like to take close-up shots of flowers, but to take pictures of azalea scenery, please change your macro lens to a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens usually has a short minimum focus distance, which allows the photographer to take pictures at close range. By approaching and expanding the range, you can display the flowers in their environment and capture the perspective of the flowers. In order to shoot the azalea landscape perfectly, you should do the following: < / P > < p > shooting in the blooming period: since the blooming period of azaleas is not very long, when to shoot is one of the key factors. The flowering period of Rhododendron varies from year to year due to the influence of weather and temperature. Therefore, please refer to the local flowering report. < / P > < p > shoot in “prime time”: prime time is the most attractive light, so please go out or shoot in the evening. < / P > < p > shoot with a low angle: a low angle will make the flower look distorted, but it will show no vitality. Use a wide-angle lens or fisheye lens and choose a smaller aperture to produce a larger depth of field. Usually, under colorful sky, azaleas can stand out. < / P > < p > for maximum range resolution: to capture maximum range resolution, choose to use a smaller aperture, such as F / 16. Also consider the focus in the scene. In general, hyperfocal length or trying to double focus is a good choice. < / P > < p > consider the background: just include rhododendrons in the far foreground to make sure you get great photos. This will help the shooting environment and convey a better sense of position than close ups. Choose your point of view carefully and make sure that the foreground and the background complement each other, for example, by contrasting the Alpine flowers with the mountain background. < / P > < p > hold it first and then use the tripod: if your composition is improper, it will affect the picture effect. In order to determine the best shooting angle, hand-held shooting can be used at the beginning. After confirming, use tripod to ensure perfect composition. < / P > < p > using a polarizer: the polarizer can adjust the effect of polarization. It can saturate the blue sky, reduce or eliminate the glare reflected by petals and leaves, and make your photos full of vitality. Older posts →