Pan Jianwei popularizes science for college students: from Einstein to the frontier development of quantum science and technology, he will further cooperate with the State Key Laboratory of East China Normal University in the future

On October 15, pan Jianwei, a famous quantum scientist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited the master lecture hall of East China Normal University and gave an academic report entitled “from Einstein’s curiosity to quantum information technology”. This is also one of the activities of the 69th anniversary of the founding of East China Normal University. In his speech, academician pan Jianwei reviewed the development of quantum mechanics in the past 100 years in a vivid and witty language, starting from Einstein’s belief that “God does not roll dice”, and introduced the development process and Prospect of quantum information technology such as quantum communication and quantum computing. In the view of academician pan Jianwei, “the development of artificial intelligence research and the development of quantum computer hardware may later understand or even surpass the wisdom of human beings. This is a thing that I very much expect.” < / P > < p > the academic report meeting was highly concerned by teachers and students of the whole school, and they signed up enthusiastically. The scene and the two video sub venues were filled with teachers and students who came to listen to the report on both sides of the venue and the corridor. During the interaction, many teachers and students enthusiastically asked questions on the physical implementation of quantum computing, the application prospect of quantum communication, and the basic problems of quantum mechanics, and got the patient answers from academician pan Jianwei. Academician pan Jianwei believes that although the application of quantum computing is still relatively limited, it is not far away to surpass the application of classical computers for some special problems. After the report, pan Jianwei visited the State Key Laboratory of precision spectroscopy science and technology of East China Normal University, and had a discussion with the representatives of laboratory teachers to seek cooperation and development. Qian Xuhong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of East China Normal University, reviewed the deep historical origins between East China Normal University and pan Jianwei: “academician pan Jianwei, his team and Normal University, especially with the State Key Laboratory of precision spectroscopy science and technology of our university, have a profound origin and close cooperation. As early as more than ten years ago, academician pan and his team members began to cooperate with the relevant scientific research teams of our university. ” He said that China has made great achievements in the fields of quantum information and quantum technology, and is at the forefront of a new round of quantum revolution. In the view of President Qian Xuhong, the development of quantum science and the advancement of China’s science and technology are of great significance to the improvement of national competitiveness. “Being familiar with the latest developments in the quantum field is of great significance to a comprehensive research university like ours, a university with important advantages and characteristics of teacher education and personnel training.” Academician pan Jianwei said: “the research on quantum optics, quantum physics and quantum information in East China Normal University is one of the best units in China. In the future, we will have very close cooperation in some major national research platforms and related research.” In the future, China will set up a national laboratory in the field of quantum science and technology and implement the major project of science and technology innovation-2030. Academician pan Jianwei expects the two sides to seize the opportunity in the future, carry out more in-depth and extensive cooperation on the basis of previous cooperation, optimize the postgraduate exchange and training mechanism, establish benign and collaborative development, strive to maintain and expand the leading edge in the field of quantum information, firmly grasp the initiative of future development, and let China truly become the leader of information technology and industry in the future. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia