Panasonic full frame firmware update and lens lineup Preview: tough, further

In addition, Lumix’s latest autofocus technology and the performance of the new Lumix S5 will also be available on s1r, S1H and S1. The upgraded autofocus is particularly good at detecting people and their movements. In addition to the eyes, face, body, and head are separately identified by real-time detection technology to provide more accurate focus. Even if the TA moves quickly, turn the TA back to the camera, tilt the TA’s head, or move away from the camera, the camera will keep tracking. On the other hand, improvements to DFD technology enhance AFC, which also enables users to track small or fast-moving objects to capture them clearly. Users can take advantage of these advantages in photo taking and video recording. In addition to the original 2060mm set lens, we are developing a number of more practical lenses, including telephoto zoom lens and multiple large aperture focusing lens, which can provide support for creators in various scenes. As shown in the figure: < A= target=_ blank>Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo