PC market catfish coming Huike computer may lead to great changes

The competition pattern of PC market has been relatively stable before. Lenovo, HP and Dell, as traditional giants in PC market, have been in the top three of PC market for a long time. However, until Huawei, Xiaomi and Huike joined the competition of PC market with their respective main markets and became new players of PC, which stirred up the whole pattern of PC market and challenged Lenovo, HP and Dell.

after years of development, Huawei has strong strength and sufficient funds. In recent years, the company has been expanding its business boundary from an enterprise oriented communication hardware manufacturer to an international giant whose consumer business accounts for more than half of its revenue. Since entering the PC market in 2016, with years of hardware manufacturing strength and continuous capital investment, we have launched a series of excellent notebook products, and made timely response to the market, making its products quickly open the market. The multi brand strategy will give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain. As of May 19, Huawei & amp; glory’s total market share was as high as 13.9%, second only to 23.1% of the industry giant Lenovo. In the context of the trade war, in the first half of 2020, Huawei + glory still followed Lenovo with a share of 12.3%, ranking second. As a “PC novice”, such achievements can be said to be amazing.

compared with Huawei, Xiaomi entered the PC market earlier. It continued its own characteristics and entered the PC market with cost-effectiveness, and cut down the high-priced and low-quality products at that time. However, after the giants quickly adjusted, their product advantages are no longer obvious, but still with high-quality products and outstanding cost performance into the player’s field of vision. Why can Xiaomi enter the PC market with a high profile and get a share of the market. Its origin is still based on the products recognized by the majority of consumers, and its rich supply chain experience is the basis of high cost performance.

Huawei and Xiaomi have brought fresh blood to the PC market. Detailed classification, detailed positioning, and multi brand strategy for different consumer groups are the direct factors for its rapid market occupation. But these are ultimately built on the premise of having a good experience of the product. Strong R & D strength and good industrial chain integration ability are the key to survive and maintain competitiveness.

is that really where the scuffle in the PC market stops? No. Looking around the current domestic enterprises, there are also domestic panel giant Huike.

the name of Huike is not well-known in the consumer market, but in the field of display, it is absolutely like thunder. As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of video consumer electronic products, it has a strong R & D capacity and production capacity. At present, the sales volume of LCD is the top three in China, the sales volume of E-sports display is the first in China, and the shipping volume of global TV OEM is the top five, which plays an important role in the electronic industry. As an enterprise with a large number of patents and strong manufacturing strength, it has natural advantages to enter the PC industry. Some time ago, Huike launched the HKC ant computer all-in-one machine brand, joined the “new forces” camp, and began to enter the challenge ranks of the traditional three giants.

at present, the volume of the all-in-one machine market is far smaller than that of the notebook, but it shows a very good development trend. It occupies a small space, is simple and easy to use, and its performance meets the needs of the vast majority of commercial offices, and is gradually favored by enterprise users. According to the data, the growth rate of all-in-one computers in China’s major customer market will reach 10.69% in 2019. Choosing the all-in-one machine as the breakthrough point of the PC whole machine business shortlisted is to have a good eye on the huge growth potential of the all-in-one machine market, and the screen as the core interactive component is exactly what Huike is good at.

just as Huawei used to back feed consumer business with its strong communication industry background, Huike is also going through a similar process – it has profound basic components, technology accumulation and industrial chain advantages. It is also the same from 2b to 2c, and plays its own advantages to enhance product competitiveness. However, after HKC all-in-one machine, whether the “gap” in the PC market can be maintained and continued to expand depends on the performance of Huike after that.

there is another layer of risk. The trend of globalization is irresistible, but this year’s epidemic situation and the changeable international political environment have cast a shadow on it. The general environment is difficult to control, and Huawei’s situation has sounded the alarm bell for us. In this case, its R & D strength and technology accumulation is particularly important. It’s good to have your cards in your own hands. However, a large amount of capital investment shows that this is a bumpy road to survival. The HKC all-in-one machine, backed by Huike, has made a good start.

of course, Huike’s move is not just to launch a category of products. From the slogan of “good computer made by Huike” on its HKC ant computer all in one machine poster, we can see that Huike is quite confident in the whole machine consumption market. Based on its strong industrial chain integration ability, years of R & D technology reserves and good industry reputation, it is fully capable of holding up a new banner in the PC industry in today’s crisis is highlighted and domestic products should be self-improvement. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing

Author: zmhuaxia