People’s daily × Tong Liya live broadcast with the goods of Cadiz, national good thing intelligent lock amazing out of the circle!

at 7 pm on August 11th, the first broadcast of the new media in the people’s daily was tiktok, which started the first stop of the “super Live Room” of the wonderful sound Festival. As a superb collection of beautiful things, tiktok tiktok, APP’s first Liyan Tong talent shows itself. The people’s daily news is the new media to join hands with the popular star Liyan Tong, who has been the guest of “good things appreciation officer”. The number of people who watch the 10+ minutes will exceed millions of people, presenting a feast for the audience. It became the only intelligent lock brand selected in the industry that night, with high sales and popularity. Tiktok tiktok is the first shopping festival of the

platform. The live broadcast is picked up by the new media of the first people’s daily, the first of the jitter. Liyan Tong helped to attract more attention. People’s daily not only recommended the official micro-blog, WeChat and APP tiktok, but also focused on the opening of the TV station and the popular location, and finally the whole network was broken 1 billion +, the number of live rooms was 3919W, the whole network was TOP TOP!

, as the only intelligent lock brand recommended by the new media of the people’s daily, Katie’s quality and strong brand strength were the main reasons. It was selected into the recommended list of “national good things” in the new media studio of people’s daily. In the live broadcast room, Tong Liya demonstrated the operation of k10-w intelligent lock, which showed the intelligence and convenience of the product. With five unlocking methods, the door opened quickly, the door was automatically locked, and the security alarm was real-time defense. Tong Liya even shared her dilemma of leaving her key at home because she was in a hurry when she went out. Finally, she had to contact the unlocking company to solve the problem. With her own experience, she provided convenience and peace of mind for planting grass and intelligent locks, which triggered an upsurge of orders in the studio. < / P > < p > in the field of live e-commerce, Cadiz is far ahead of the industry’s brands. In the 4.12 home decoration Festival, 5.14 cost-effective, 618 years of big promotion and other live broadcast, caddis has achieved double harvest of product sales and brand exposure. This time, with the recommendation of the official No.1, celebrities, traffic and topics, high-quality and high-tech intelligent lock products and considerate after-sales service, Cadiz once again made a brilliant performance in this live broadcast. It is reported that this is not the first cooperation between people’s daily and Cadiz. As early as 2018, the WeChat official account of the people’s daily released Katie’s annual micro film, which carried out a deep analysis of Katie’s Micro film content. The micro film case also won the “most innovative enterprise in marketing” and “Gold Award in social marketing” of the 10th China advertiser Jinyuan award, the 2018 Kerui Award – brand innovation Gold Award, and the 2018 admen International Award – content marketing practical Gold Award. < / P > < p > in the Mid Autumn Festival of 2018, Cadiz once again launched in-depth cooperation with people’s daily, combined with the hot spots of Mid Autumn Festival, jointly created H5 marketing cases, participated by more than 2014 million people, and co reported by more than 2000 media and big V, with cumulative exposure exceeding 100 million, It also won the 10th Huxiao award government agency and real estate image award, the 11th China advertiser Jinyuan award H5 marketing Gold Award, the 2019 admen International Award – planning creative practical gold case award, 2019 Kerui Innovation Award brand innovation Gold Award, 2019 mobile intelligent marketing golden bit award, 2019 advertiser award, media enterprise cooperation case award and integrated marketing gold case There are many awards, such as the gold award of digital marketing in 2019, the annual innovative marketing award of Chinese advertisers & the best public service advertising award of China, the Golden Bee award of social network marketing – the gold award of best brand marketing case. < p > < p > as the first official media, people’s daily chooses Cadiz as the only cooperative brand in the intelligent lock industry, and has carried out close and in-depth cooperation for many times, which is the best witness to the strength, influence and industry status of caddis. < / P > < p > always pay attention to the needs of consumers, continuously carry out technological innovation, flexibly adjust the brand strategic planning, continuously create good things for the people, and bring more convenient and beautiful home experience. I believe that caddis will also bring more amazing products to consumers and the market in the future. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?