Performance flagship must have the law of photo collapse? Iqoo 5 photo evaluation

With the continuous improvement of the smart phone market and the increasing diversification of consumer demand, mobile phone manufacturers have also launched a number of product positioning segmentation of mobile phone product lines, in which the performance of the flagship model outstanding performance has been loved by many users. However, some people think that the performance of the flagship model will often choose to weaken the photographing performance while improving the performance. Recently, iqoo 5, a new flagship of performance, has been put on sale recently. As a flagship model focusing on performance experience, iqoo 5 has shown performance better than similar models. And iqoo 5 does not weaken its photo taking function, but is equipped with a super sensitive imaging system consisting of three flagship cameras. This makes us wonder how the super sensitive image system of iqoo 5 works? < / P > < p > first of all, let’s learn about iqoo 5’s super sensitive imaging system from the hardware level. Iqoo 5 is equipped with a rear camera module composed of three cameras, and adopts the classic focal section combination of “super wide angle + wide angle main camera + long focus”. < / P > < p > the three lenses are 50 megapixel main camera + 13 million pixel super wide angle + 13 million pixel 2x long focus lens. The super wide angle lens has a super wide angle of 120 degrees and supports 2.5cm macro shooting. The equivalent focal length of 2x long focus lens is 50 mm of the Golden focus of human image. The super sensitive main camera of iqoo 5 is naturally the main character of these three lenses. The main camera of iqoo 5 adopts the classic 24mm wide-angle focal section, equipped with the bottom sensor gn1 and full-pixel four in one dual core focusing technology. Full pixel dual core focusing technology is a kind of focusing technology from professional cameras. It not only has the advantage of 100% pixel coverage, but also can complete phase difference detection without masking pixels compared with the previous phase focusing technology. Therefore, its focusing accuracy and speed are faster and more accurate than phase focusing. < / P > < p > with 50 million pixels of gn1 main camera, it can not only directly produce 50 million pixel high-definition blockbuster, but also can obtain 2.4 μ m large pixel through the four pixel in one technology, so as to realize the improvement of professional focusing speed and photosensitive ability. < / P > < p > in addition to the flagship camera hardware, the performance level of the mobile phone also has a certain impact on the imaging effect of the camera. For example, the computing performance and display effect of mobile phone will affect the shooting time and the shooting effect respectively. Iqoo 5 is equipped with the current top-level configuration in both aspects. < p > < p > iqoo 5 SOC adopts the high pass snapdragon 865 processor and the new generation spectra 480 ISP image processor of Qualcomm, so as to obtain the current leading image processing ability and provide sufficient computing power support for iqoo 5 computational photography algorithm. For example, in the continuous shooting scene, the powerful computing power of the high pass snapdragon 865 can ensure the fast imaging of each photo and avoid missing the wonderful moments. < p > < p > iqoo 5 is also equipped with a 120Hz super vision flexible screen provided by Samsung. The local brightness of the screen is as high as 1300nit, and has passed the hdr10 + standard certification. It supports the sunlight screen display under outdoor strong light and color restoration, and the accurate 100% dci-p3 gamut coverage. < / P > < p > such excellent screen configuration not only ensures the screen display effect when iqoo 5 is shooting, but also ensures that iqoo 5 can see the viewfinder screen clearly when shooting outdoors, especially in the daytime sun. After understanding the image shooting ability of iqoo 5 from the hardware level, we will analyze the imaging effect of iqoo 5 through the real shooting sample. < / P > < p > for the main camera with wide-angle focal section, photographing static landscape can simply and effectively test the overall level of its imaging. From the following landscape sample under daily illumination, we can see that the image effect of iqoo 5 is quite excellent. From the clouds in the sky to the decorations at the bottom of the landscape, the details of the scenery in the whole picture have been restored a lot. Moreover, iqoo 5 can also reflect the light and shadow details of the scene very well. By observing the details of the sample, we can find that even the shadow details between the rocks have not been lost. < p > < p > because iqoo 5’s main camera adopts full pixel four in one dual core focusing technology, its performance in focusing performance is very expected. In order to test the focusing power of iqoo 5 main camera, I specially chose the roller coaster with extremely fast speed to shoot. < / P > < p > during shooting, I can clearly feel the quickness of iqoo 5 focusing. In a few seconds after the roller coaster is speeding by, iqoo 5 can complete multiple shooting. Moreover, the focusing of each photo is accurate and clear, and there is no local blur and dragging caused by focusing failure. As can be seen from the sample below, the main body of the fast-moving roller coaster is clear, and the details of the tourists and seats on the roller coaster can be seen. < p > < p > color has always been the top priority for the imaging effect of professional cameras, so the performance of color is also a big problem to test the main camera of mobile phone. In this respect, iqoo 5 main camera performance is also very good, from the iqoo 5 shooting samples, we can see that the AI algorithm under the blessing of its color rendering more gratifying. Backlight has always been a big problem to test the imaging effect of mobile phone cameras. Many mobile phones are easy to take photos with underexposed and dark subjects in backlight scenes. But from iqoo 5. In the reverse light sample, we can see that although the brightness of the sample in the backlight scene is not as bright as that in the downlight scene, its brightness is enough to make people see the content of the picture; at the same time, the details of the dark part in the sample of the mountain can be seen, such as the details of the rock at the bottom and the dark light part of the bottom of the roller coaster The mechanical structure has also been shown; and the restoration of scene details and focusing speed have maintained the previous high level. < / P > < p > as one of the most popular lens types of smart phones, ultra wide angle lens can not only shoot broad buildings and broad scenery, but also take some creative shots from the unique perspective brought by super wide angle. Through the following sample, we can see that iqoo 5’s ultra wide angle lens is excellent in detail restoration and color performance, and the distortion effect caused by ultra wide angle is not obvious. < / P > < p > telephoto lens is also one of the most popular lens types, and its use frequency is quite high. The 2x telephoto lens of iqoo 5 belongs to a very “handy” category among all kinds of mobile phone telephoto lenses I have seen, because iqoo 5’s 2x telephoto lens shows high quality in terms of imaging effect and focusing speed. The 2x telephoto lens of iqoo 5 has the same focusing speed and precision as the main camera of the flagship model. The 2x long focus lens of iqoo 5 can complete focusing and imaging in a short time, whether it is shooting static landscape or high-speed moving objects. And thanks to the 50 mm focal length of iqoo 5’s 2x telephoto lens, it can capture distant objects more clearly. < / P > < p > because iqoo 5’s 2x telephoto lens has up to 13 million pixels, we can get clear and sharp pictures even if we zoom further on the basis of 2x optical zoom. For example, the following sample has been zoomed for more than 2x during shooting, but its image quality is still excellent, and there is no blur problem that other models may have. Of course, with iqoo 5’s 2x telephoto lens and the classic 50 mm “human eye” focal length, we can take some interesting pictures. < / P > < p > after learning about iqoo 5’s daytime shooting performance, I can’t help but express my expectation for the shooting effect of iqoo 5 super sensitive main camera in night scene. < / P > < p > after nightfall, iqoo 5 brings us new surprises as well as during the day. Although the sculptures in the following two samples are in the light cave landscape, the effect that the naked eye can observe is very dim. However, with the help of iqoo 5 super night scene 4.0 mode, I used iqoo 5 to easily record the clear and sharp images of these two sculptures. From this, we can also see that iqoo 5’s super sensitive main camera has better exposure performance and detail reduction ability when shooting in complex light and dark scenes, and the noise control is also in place. < / P > < p > in the night, self luminous objects can be regarded as the “natural enemy” of mobile phone night scene algorithm, because it is very easy to cause excessive exposure of mobile phone night scene mode imaging. However, iqoo 5’s super night scene mode is not “confused” by this situation. In the two samples taken, there is no problem of exposure, and the color details on the shooting subject are also well presented. The portrait is also one of the most frequently used scenes in mobile photography. The 2x long focus lens of iqoo 5 is called portrait lens because it has the most classic 50 mm focal length in traditional professional portrait photography Like the telephoto lens, iqoo 5 supports the cooperative operation with the self-developed 4-layer mask algorithm, and supports the professional portrait mode, which can adjust the effect of the human scene partition to get more fine picture effect, and iqoo 5 is also suitable for the beauty algorithm for men. < / P > < p > from the two portrait samples below, we can find that iqoo 5 is very suitable for the beauty effect of men when shooting men. It optimizes the facial skin and also optimizes the facial lines of men, making the film effect more natural and showing the effect of light. The super sensitive imaging system of iqoo 5 is satisfactory in terms of imaging effect, and its three cameras all show excellent focusing and color restoration capabilities, especially in the aspect of focusing The performance of the main camera and long focus lens of 5 is beyond my expectation. Its shooting ability for high-speed moving objects is no less than that of SLR cameras with high-speed shooting ability, and even better than some professional cameras that emphasize static image quality. < / P > < p > the excellent shooting ability of iqoo 5 can be said to “break” the concept that the photo shooting ability of performance flagship mobile phone is weak. For consumers, iqoo 5 is a mobile phone that does not need to choose between image shooting ability and performance. Iqoo 5’s excellent super sensitive imaging system can meet the needs of users in different scenes and even complex lighting conditions, which is a “hard power” that many all-around flagship models do not have. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!