Perhaps only Tencent can go far in the way of social e-commerce

The social e-commerce industry has been busy for many years, but there are few excellent ones. In the past six months, Tencent has also invested a lot of energy in social e-commerce, such as Gosling, which directly ends up playing social group buying, and wechat shops that want to be the infrastructure of trading environment. Many people think that Tencent’s previous e-commerce projects can’t do well without the e-commerce gene. However, considering the changes in today’s trading environment, I think maybe only Tencent can go further on the road of social trading. < / P > < p > the theme of this article today is based on the social e-commerce environment, to talk about how new platforms like Gosling pinyin can go out different from pinduoduo. Although it looks like pinduoduo from the current product experience, from the perspective of industry development trend, what consumers want is no longer a new pinduoduo. < / P > < p > when consumers are faced with shopping choices, if the results of income are the same, the low cost is better than the high cost; if the cost is the same, the high benefit is better than the low income, of course, it is better to obtain high income with low cost. Therefore, in the transaction link, consumers care nothing more than the cost-benefit ratio. If you can use less time or money to obtain the same quality products as Taobao Jingdong, or even surpass the quality of Taobao Jingdong, it will be irresistible to consumers. The low decision cost in time is the efficiency of product selection. Compared with Taobao Jingdong, which is a centralized recommendation e-commerce based on search, users need to spend higher time cost and take the purchase risk of credulous comments from strangers. The social e-commerce relies on the social relationship chain and the endorsement of acquaintances to solve the choice confusion and trust problems in the purchase process. < / P > < p > the decision-making cost in money is the money cost that users need to pay to buy goods. This is a necessary condition to shift consumers’ attention from Taobao Jingdong, and also a channel to measure the scarcity value of acquaintances. After all, once it is found that it has been killed, the relationship will lose the value of endorsement. < / P > < p > providing high-quality goods is the significance of resource allocation of trading platform, the fundamental purpose of consumers’ choice of platform, and the necessary condition for competition with other e-commerce platforms. However, combined with the low decision-making cost given to consumers by the advantages of social relations, the social e-commerce platform does not need to excessively pursue to be better than other e-commerce platforms in the supply of goods, and only needs to be good enough to establish its attraction to consumers. < / P > < p > therefore, in a nutshell, the demand of consumers is to use the least time or money to obtain commodities that are no worse than those of other platforms, which is the value of the existence of the new trading platform. The motivation is interest related. The benefit here may be that when purchasing this product, promotion can help self purchase to save money, such as the starting point of such activities as team building, bargaining and helping to buy; it may also be that promotion can earn extra money and share money, such as e-commerce of various social members. In any case, it’s relying on social connections for benefits. < / P > < p > friends believe that behind the trust endorsement of the promoters, it is the personal credit of the promoters to protect them. But for each individual, the relationship that can play the role of trust endorsement is limited, so the profit channel of promoters is in the limited relationship chain. < p > is to build personal credit image. It is the basis of friends’ trust endorsement. The channel of social image construction is circle, which has the same level circle and lower level circle. < / P > < p > the same level circle refers to the level similar to one’s own living environment, consumption ability and consumption concept. The desire of friends is similar to the needs of one’s peers, which is similar to the needs of one’s peers. < p > < p > the circle lower than oneself is to use the potential energy of one’s own circle to endorse. People worship the strong, and the consumption pursuit of the excellent is often the standard of social fashion. However, the potential energy will gradually close with the broken contact, and finally the potential energy difference will be smoothed out. < p > < p > relationship is the tentacle that deeply affects the behavior of friends on the basis of personal personality credit image, and is also the channel of personal personality credit transmission. Therefore, relationship maintenance helps to enhance the trust of friends to individuals. How to maintain the < / P > < p > relationship? The core lies in the interest correlation in the circle background. Introduce good things and good prices to your friends. For example, friends can enjoy the same preferential price in group and bargain, and friends in lucky coffee card can get half cup of coffee or accumulate points to deduct other goods. < / P > < p > therefore, for promoters, no matter whether they are for the purpose of saving money or sharing money, they are getting benefits from limited trust relationship. They need to reuse the relationship and constantly strengthen the construction of social image and social relationship. < / P > < p > the existence of promoters only solves the consumers’ demand for low decision-making cost in time, while the demand of low cost in money and the ultimate pursuit of good goods still need to be reflected in the supply chain. < p > < p > the traditional e-commerce is based on search, and the inevitable problem brought by the centralized recommendation route is Matthew effect. Those who are famous will die of starvation. At this time, the unknown supply chain value can not be fully reflected, resulting in the majority of suppliers buried in this era. < / P > < p > and even famous brand suppliers who can eat the flow have their own unspeakable embarrassment. Fame helps a brand become a star, and enlarges every problem in the brand. For the brand, the most difficult is to deal with the end of stock after the replacement. To sell at a low price is to hurt the brand premium. The cost paid by brand consumers is not only to obtain the value of products, but also to obtain fair and superior experience. < / P > < p > therefore, no matter what kind of supplier, we need to find a sales channel different from the traditional e-commerce. For non brand business, it is to find a way to survive; for brand business, it is to deal with overcapacity. < / P > < p > therefore, for suppliers, the core demands are: sales promotion and cost control. Cost control is the basis of profitability, and sales volume is the driving force for suppliers to stay on the platform. < / P > < p > for those suppliers who are eager to escape from the old platform, they have not developed to the point where they need to control the cost with refinement on the old platform. Most of the reasons why they can’t survive are the sales channel problems, so the first demand for the new platform must be sales volume. And for brand companies, they also need to sell their own excess capacity products. This is also the reason why suppliers are willing to make innovations in pinduoduo and various e-commerce live broadcasting platforms at a low price. The sales volume can support the current stage. Only when the sales volume reaches the bottleneck of input-output ratio, can the cost control method of the manufacturer lose the ability to guarantee its own profit demand. At this time, cost control enabling will become the first demand of suppliers for the platform. < / P > < p > therefore, at present, the core is to help small and medium-sized suppliers give full play to their capacity value and find a market to survive. But for the brand business, it is to deal with its overcapacity without harming the brand tonality. < / P > < p > the purpose of the e-commerce platform is to let consumers and suppliers come to me for trading. The way to achieve this goal is to improve the docking efficiency of the supply and demand sides, that is to say, the balanced management of the relationship between supply and demand. < / P > < p > the first is for the consumers on the demand side: to meet the demand of consumers to buy high-quality goods with low decision-making cost. The second is for the suppliers on the supply side: the initial stage is to increase sales volume and sell the goods that suppliers can’t sell on various platforms, so as to recover the cost and survive; the second stage is to help the suppliers optimize their production plan, such as creating explosive funds according to their capacity; the third stage is to help suppliers optimize their production structure and reduce production costs, such as the scale of centralized purchase and sales brought by centralized demand flow Customization. The third is the supply-demand connection side, that is, the value building of promoters. The value of promoters is that they act as lobbyists on the platform and bring the goods on the platform to the people in their relationship chain. However, his relationship chain is limited, so the core problem to be solved for promoters is how to promote consumers’ high repurchase conversion on the basis of not damaging the social image and social relationship of promoters. How do social e-commerce platforms deal with the relationship between transaction participants? < / P > < p > as for promoters, they have dual identities. Their basic identity is consumers and they enjoy the same rights and interests as consumers. However, after their consumption, the platform hopes that they can act as lobbyists for platform product promotion and become an important force influencing new traffic and consumer transformation. < p > < p > pinduoduo’s market penetration is the breakthrough point. It has grasped the consumer’s demand for shopping that can be stopped according to different things, and the survival pressure of small and medium-sized manufacturers in the traditional e-commerce. On the basis of low-cost goods with no brand premium, it creates explosive funds with collage fission to further reduce the production cost space and pry the market with absolute low price 。 < / P > < p > this means of social assistance and low price forms a positive cycle of price advantage, which helps the platform achieve today’s success. But this means also created the bottleneck of development. < / P > < p > first of all, in terms of social assistance, pinduoduo’s use of social relations overemphasizes the consumer interests of promoters, and promotion tools often have a very urgent time requirement in order to transform. For promoters whose purpose is to meet their own consumption interests, most people will force their friends to send for help regardless of whether their friends also have purchase needs. < / P > < p > under the background that social relations are maintained by both sides of the social network, this way is to lose the quality of social relations of promoters, and even further damage their social image. Although the promoters can also get the corresponding preferential quota after help, it is difficult to be transformed if the promoters themselves have no demand. Therefore, how to help the promoted maintain good social relations and activate the needs of the promoted is the problem to be solved in the use of pinduoduo relationship chain. < / P > < p > followed by excessive low price publicity. The mass production of the supply chain without brand premium shows the advantage of low price in the retail terminal pricing, which is the attraction point for consumers on the cost side, but it is not the whole demand of consumers for shopping experience. < / P > < p > the pursuit of cost performance is to obtain the commodity value that meets the consumption expectation with less cost, rather than obtain more commodity experience with less cost. < / P > < p > but the excessive low price requirement of pinduoduo, if applied to those suppliers who have the ability to achieve high quality and low price, is really improving the consumer experience of users; but for more suppliers with insufficient production capacity, objectively, low price means low profit space. In order to pursue profit space, only reduce production cost, which will make product quality difficult to be guaranteed 。 < / P > < p > the quality of goods on the platform is mixed, and consumers will inevitably step on the pit. In addition, the concept of unifying money and paying for goods will only be more and more recognized under the general trend of consumption upgrading. Excessive low-cost publicity atmosphere will affect individuals’ trust in commodities, lack confidence in high-quality goods, and even cause a sense of low-cost self-life quality,