PETA: I hope “hunting Simulator 2” can replace guns with cameras

Recently, the French branch of PETA, a well-known animal protection organization, sent a letter to Alain FALC, CEO of nacon, a publisher, conveying the urgent expectation of “replacing the weapons in the game with cameras and changing the game into a game for shooting wild animals”. In addition, PETA’s vice president also said, “there are many forms of entertainment, but even in the virtual world, shooting wild animals for stimulation is also a mental illness. Nacon has to replace the guns in the game with Canon lens to make the players become the Savior and admirer of nature, and stop beautifying the violence against animals. “< / P > < p > this is not the first time that PETA has been involved in video games. Not long ago, peta protested against it, saying that” fishing and insect catching are harmful to nature “and” civet cats are the victims of hunting, so we should treat Ciji better “. This call for guns to be replaced by cameras is also a pun in English. However, at present, the Internet is full of cheerful atmosphere when discussing this matter, and even some people really propose to add photography mode in it, which is quite good. < / P > < p > is a hunting simulation game in which players can bring their own hounds to hunt 33 kinds of animals in the world with rich scenes. There are 160 kinds of official weapons, accessories and clothing in the game, players can experience the most real hunting in this game. At present, Xbox / Xbox will be launched on the Chinese platform of switch in the future. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?