Pickering electronics company introduces miniature high voltage reed relay for integrated circuit test system of on semiconductor company

On July 14, 2020, Pickering electronics, with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing reed relays and leading the industry in the research and development of miniature and high-performance relays, has developed a miniature high-voltage relay for a new test designed by ansom semiconductor, a world-renowned chip manufacturer Taiwan.

because the reed relay has the advantages of small size, high isolation resistance, contact sealing, fast operation speed and long service life, it is usually the best choice for switch system solutions for test and measurement applications. Ansem semiconductor is a long-term customer of Pickering. When they developed a new test bench, they found that they needed a reed relay with a cut-off voltage of at least 400VDC and small enough to meet their high-density switching requirements, so they put forward this demand to Pickering.

the higher specification requirements proposed by Ansem include an internal clearance limit, which makes the device too large to be placed in the packaging of other micro relays in Pickering. Still, Pickering quickly solved the problem, sending the first prototype to Anson just seven weeks later. The prototype relay is a mini SIP package with a board area of 12.5mm x 3.7mm and a height of 6.6mm, providing a minimum cut-off voltage of 1500V.

Pickering’s CEO Keith Moore said: “Pickering can independently complete all aspects of relay design, and the production is carried out in its own factory, so we can quickly and efficiently respond to customer’s customized needs. This project of Ansem is a good example. We have received many similar cases in the past, and each special customized design will become a new standard product. The relay customized for ansomer is now our 131 series, the smallest high-voltage reed relay in the industry. ”

131 series reed relay provides three coil voltage options of 3V, 5V and 12V, and provides optional internal diode. The series of relays are 1 form a (closed after power on) SPDT normally open configuration, with a maximum switching current of 0.7A and a maximum power of 10W. It is an ideal choice for Cable Testers, mixed signal / semiconductor testers, backplane testers, high-voltage instruments, on-line test equipment and other high-voltage applications.

Author: zmhuaxia