Play beauty, self portrait a “summer”! Open the “new world” of selfie with vivo S7

For many young people, self portrait has become an indispensable daily activity in their lives. Whether they are taking a nap alone at home or going out to have fun with friends, they can pick up their mobile phones and keep the most beautiful pictures of themselves. With the development of science and technology, self portrait has more possibilities, people can not only change their own makeup, but also try a variety of styles of filter effect. Some time ago, vivo has brought a brand-new 5g mobile phone, vivo S7, to many self timer enthusiasts. As a product launched by vivo brand, which has profound strength in the field of image, vivo S7 must also be able to bring users a good self portrait experience. Friends who like to take selfies might as well take this action, learn “self portrait tutorial” with Lisa, and use vivo S7 to save the beautiful summer time. < / P > < p > as a new 5g lightweight selfie flagship launched by vivo, the camera module on vivo S7 should not be underestimated. The front camera module of the machine adopts the dual shooting scheme of 44 million pixel ultra high definition PDAF automatic focusing main camera + 8 million pixel 105 ° ultra wide angle lens. This configuration enables users to not only easily solve the focusing problem, but also obtain stable and clear self shooting imaging experience, as well as more pleasant and high-quality multi person self photographing effect. Not only that, the rear camera module of the machine is also very excellent. It not only carries a 64 million pixel GW1 Ultra HD main camera, but also has an 8 million pixel ultra wide angle macro lens and a 2 million pixel artistic style black and white lens, which can meet users’ various shooting needs. Whether the user wants to shoot clear and realistic image works, or want to shoot a literary image “blockbuster”, vivo S7 can be easily realized. < / P > < p > in order to let many self timer enthusiasts have a more pleasant self portrait experience, vivo S7 also brings a variety of practical and interesting self portrait functions. For many young people, selfie and beauty are like a pair of twins. When it comes to self portraits, they will inevitably think of beautiful faces. This time, vivo S7 carries a special function of beauty selfie – Multi style 3.0. What’s more surprising is that three new styles have been added to the multi style 3.0, which are holiday style, Rococo style and 1980s style. In addition, vivo S7 also has five super texture beauty 3.0 and beautiful file, two features, presumably users can get a better self portrait experience. < / P > < p > as we all know, the products of vivo brand always have a very attractive body design. The same is true for vivo S7. Its overall fuselage is quite light, which allows users to have an easy to master experience. The fuselage thickness of vivo S7 is controlled at about 7.39mm. In terms of fuselage weight, vivo S7 has also delivered a satisfactory “answer sheet”. The body weight of about 170g is enough to make it stand out in the current 5g mobile phone market. In addition, this model also has a very attractive color design. It not only has the classic jazz black color and transparent pure moonlight white color, but also has the flowing and colorful Monet color. At the same time, these three color matching all adopt the brand-new Ag frosting process, which brings users hazy visual enjoyment and delicate and soft tactile feeling.

mobile phone good to hear or see if you want to buy a self powered phone this summer, vivo S7 is definitely a great choice. It not only has a satisfying self timer performance, but also has awesome quality color matching. At present, vivo S7 has been sold in major e-commerce platforms and offline stores simultaneously, so those who are excited should act quickly! Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia