Please note after the wave, baidu flash card crazy scattered welfare, this wave of wool must be collected

August has arrived, and it is more than half of the midsummer, but the summer life of young people is far from over. However, in the era of consumption upgrading, if you want to have a little “petty bourgeoisie”, it will become a skill to spend money. Small credit card benefits, video sites, these “small wool” not only improve the quality of life, but also save a little savings to do a financial management, by the way, earn some extra pocket money. However, it is rare to see high-grade wool which can meet the needs of young people’s delicate life and investment and financial management. Recently, Baixin bank will cooperate with Baidu to jointly “do things”: On August 14, baidu flash card will launch the activity of “scattering 100 million yuan wildly” to let young people understand what “top grade” wool is. More surprises will also be online on August 15. Please look forward to it ~ < / P > < p > from borrowing to spending, from collecting wool to making extra money, baidu flash card brings more imagination to young people’s financial life style. And it’s quite easy to join. Like wechat payment, it exists in the “plus” in the upper right corner of Baidu app that you can’t leave every day. < / P > < p > this “crazy 100 million” activity is mainly divided into three parts, for new and old users of Baidu flash card. Among them, the long-term task is “borrowing 100 yuan” and “shouting old fellow to borrow money”. By adopting the reward mechanism of “invite + task”, the new and old users have divided different standards respectively. Take the old fellow’s loan activities as an example, old users only need to send links or posters, and then they can invite their friends. Once friends are in the activity, the two sides can establish one to one invitation relationship. < / P > < p > then, how can we get rich rewards from Baidu flash card? It’s very simple. If a friend’s credit and loan are successful for the first time, both parties will get a red envelope and a recommendation reward. When the initial review is conducted every month, if all the invited friends keep a certain amount of loan amount, they will get corresponding cash reward again. < / P > < p > it’s complicated to say, but the operation is very simple. Whether it’s the ladder rewards at different levels or the time nodes that need to be paid attention to every month, the flash payment Jun has drawn a small form very attentively, so you can’t miss any wool ~ < / P > < p > tell us a special skill: the more people are invited, the more rich the rewards are in the small form Jun’s Meng Xin, but an opportunity that can’t be missed! < / P > < p > in addition to these two long-term task copies, baidu flash card also launched a time limited “balance plus activity.”. This is an activity that can only be participated in at the same time of Baidu flash card conference, but its strength is absolutely worthy of the name of “plus”! During the activity, users can participate in learning activities when their accumulated purchase balance plus products reaches the specified amount and hold a position for 7 days. They can learn financial management knowledge in the activity interface, and get the gift packages including but not limited to consumption coupons, Spanish dry red wine and various kinds of super value rights and interests! < / P > < p > hit the blackboard and mark the key points! This activity can also be attended by both new and old users. They can enjoy the financial benefits and get free financial education and coupons! < / P > < p > just passed 618, you delicate girls and spiritual guys must also need to recover their blood to better prepare for the double 11. Flash pay launched three activities, so that you do not have to be very tired and troublesome, you can collect milk tea money for this month ~ < / P > < p > can launch such an unprecedented activity, what kind of immortal product is Baidu flash card? Speaking out, you may really want to subvert your cognition: < / P > < p > Baidu flash card is a digital bank card launched by Baidu and Baixin bank. Although it is called “bank card”, it has no entity. As long as you are a user of Baidu app, you can easily open and flexibly use it in the financial scene of Baidu app. More importantly, it integrates the comprehensive financial services of consumption payment, credit life, investment and financing, rights and benefits, and living expenses. It can really help all kinds of young people enjoy simple, convenient, safe and accessible financial services. It can be said that “no card is better than card”. Online shopping is whenever and wherever possible.

supports convenient consumption. If you are buying master chops, Baidu flash card can meet your consumer needs in the whole scene. Whether it’s online WeChat Alipay payment or offline union shop’s NFC, whenever you have money and money, you have all the fun of spending. < / P > < p > quick approval of loan. If you are the Moon Clan boy who pursues a wonderful life, baidu flash card is a virtual credit card. The “haohuihua” loan function can provide you with credit line with low interest rate and no annual fee. You can pay back the account as soon as you borrow, so that you will never fail to live up to your present self. “Haohuihua” is a small consumer credit product launched by regular banks, which is safe and secure. < / P > < p > the balance can also make money. If you are a z-era spirit guy who can manage money, baidu flash card allows you to expect every cent. The balance plus supports 1 point starting investment, which can be used flexibly, receive accounts quickly and consume money. The annualized yield of the past seven days is 3.19%, which is not comparable to that of “babies”. Most importantly, it is a bank created account balance financial services. The bottom layer is a low-risk product issued by licensed financial institutions. It has a stable income. Whether it is a small business or a big investor, it is suitable for investment and making money. < / P > < p > rights and benefits are always enjoyed. If you are a senior wool party who loves to rob welfare, baidu flash card will let you collect suspicious life, pay 0 service charge for credit card pen, and free exchange of points for QQ music, iqiyi members, KFC voucher and so on. Science Discovery