Please suspend payment if there is such a prompt in wechat transfer!

Wechat payment, relying on the advantages of simple and fast, has gradually replaced cash payment, occupying an important position in our life. Wechat payment greatly facilitates our life. We can go out without taking our wallet or worrying about losing or being stolen. It is known as one of the four new inventions in China. However, at the same time, wechat payment is also targeted by many cheaters, and creates a new fraud technique. If you don’t understand it, you will be hit by carelessness.

in order to reduce the risk of payment, the official account of WeChat Safety Center recently issued a document: when using WeChat, pay more attention if there is “risk warning”. < / P > < p > if the prompt in the figure appears, it means that the collection account is very likely to be a fraud and has been detected by wechat payment! Payment shall be suspended or payment shall be made after confirming the identity of the other party. < / P > < p > in addition, in addition to reminding users, wechat also provides users with a 15 minute “cooling off period of transfer”. During this period, users can verify the identity of the other party, so that they can make a more accurate judgment. < / P > < p > some software for robbing red packets claims that they can snatch red packets in seconds, but the packages do not fall. On the surface, they are virus software. Once installed, the mobile phone will be infected with virus, and personal information, wechat wallet and bank card balance are very likely to be stolen < / P > < p > swindlers often use the gimmick of “inviting friends to help ‘bargain’ to 0 yuan in the link page, and then get the product free of charge”. They entice users to click on the link and fill in their personal information, and let them forward the circle of friends. The swindlers use these information to steal the cash in the bank card bound by customers, and promote these fraud activities to users’ friends, and carry virus links in the information for secondary fraud. < / P > < p > cheaters take goods as bait, and claim to consumers that the rebate is cheap. The QR code or unknown link sent by the cheater hides trojan virus. Once you scan the code or click the link, the Trojan will steal the application account, password and other personal information. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo