Pocket computer, portable office

Now the computer has become a necessary product in young people’s life. What is different from mobile phone is that the computer can do more things, such as work, games, play, and even study online. Although the development speed of smart phones is relatively rapid, it still can’t replace the things that PC can do. It can be said that this is what PC and mobile phone can do It’s a natural advantage. When it comes to notebook computers, we may be familiar with two forms. One is the game book, and the other is the light and thin one. Although the game book is very powerful in performance, the biggest drawback is that it appears to be very cumbersome, which is extremely inconvenient for office workers, because it is necessary to carry such a big thing every day, which is certainly not the wish of many people Yes. As the name implies, the overall shape of the book is relatively light and thin, but the only drawback is that the performance will be insufficient. For game lovers, this kind of thin book is not in the scope of consideration, for office workers, it is more to consider the light version. However, I recently found another form of notebook computer, which can completely replace the existence of thin and light notebook, that is, pocket notebook. It can even be said that it is a product specially designed for office workers. Let’s follow me to see how the No.1 onemix1s + notebook performs. < / P > < p >} the design of the package box of onemix1s + is a little delicate. The overall design is more pleasing to business people. Just like their slogans, take No.1 book on business trip. Obviously, this is a highly targeted product. The design of the whole packaging box is square and square, and the middle position is the logo of No. 1 edition, which adopts the stamping design However, the color of the box is slightly dark blue, which is similar to that of the suit that Gu Tianle was wearing. Generally speaking, I like the design of the packing box. If I look at the packing box of the traditional notebook computer, and then take a look at the box of No. 1 book, I really feel like opening the door to a new world. < / P > < p >} after opening the box, you can see the main body of onemix1s +. The box is also equipped with a user’s manual, 30W PD charging head and charging cable. In addition, it also supports 2048 handwriting pen, but this pen is not standard configuration and needs to be purchased additionally. I personally recommend that you all buy this writing pen. After all, this product looks like a business person, and the function of this pen is relatively large. For example, signing contracts and drawing drawings, it is fully competent, and it helps a lot in work. When you see this picture, you can’t believe it’s a laptop, right? I saw it when I was in the mall. I had an impulse to buy it home. I didn’t expect that my wish has finally come true. The first time I started it was different from what I saw in the mall. When I held it for the first time, I thought it was really beautiful. Moreover, the color of onemix1s + on my hand was light blue, which was very green The breath of spring. The No.1 onemix1s + adopts CNC magnesium aluminum alloy all metal shell, elegant and mellow zoom has excellent texture and feel, which not only shows its calm business atmosphere, but also reveals a trace of youth. I wonder if you have found that the front of this laptop is completely clean and tidy, without any logo, compared with most of the current traditional notebook computers To see, there are still many manufacturers with logo on the front. On this point, I think the No. 1 edition is still very good. < / P > < p >} you may be most concerned about the heat dissipation. Many people are very curious about whether the heat dissipation of such a small laptop is not good? And I spent so many days, I found that the cooling of this laptop is still very good, but compared with some traditional notebook computers, it may be a little inferior, but compared with the same level of products, I think No. 1 has done very well, even better than my previous Xiaomi laptop air12.5 do well. So let me talk about how onemix1s + of the No.1 edition has done a good job in heat dissipation. First of all, it adopts a micro active cooling system, that is, a three-dimensional air inlet design. It is equipped with a pure copper vacuum liquid heat transfer tube and a small fan designed to imitate the fins. The air volume is effectively increased by 18% compared with the ordinary fan. At the same time, it has intelligent temperature control technology, which can intelligently control the fan speed according to the temperature of the machine Noise, and effectively improve the heat dissipation efficiency. The cooling port at the bottom is actually the air inlet of CPU, while the port in front of the fuselage is the heat sink, which can quickly lead out all the heat inside the machine. This is the principle of the micro active cooling system, which can ensure the high-speed and smooth operation of the system. As a mini laptop, onemix1s + is definitely superior in size. The size of this laptop is 182mm in length, 110mm in width, 17mm in thickness and 0.5kg in weight. First of all, focus on the data of length and height, which is actually equivalent to 7 inches. I personally feel that the size of my 6.67 inch mobile phone is almost the same, but it is only one The No.1 notebook is a little longer and wider, and its thickness is only 17mm. Like a 12.5-inch laptop I used before, its thickness is 12.9mm. I think it is very thin among the traditional notebooks. I didn’t expect that the No.1 notebook is thinner and its weight is half less than that of the 12.5-inch notebook. This is good for business people In order to reduce a lot of burden. Although onemix1s + is so small, there are many interfaces on the right side of the fuselage, such as 3.5mm headphone interface, TF card slot, type-C charging port, HDMI, USB3.0 and power indicator. At present, there are many interfaces on the market that are not as many as the one, which greatly facilitates the needs of business people. < / P > < p >} onemix1s + adopts a 7-inch FUD Full HD full touch IPS display, PPI is up to 324, and the screen proportion is 85%. The double-sided micro frame design, the whole machine is only one third of the conventional 14 inch notebook computer. Although the screen proportion of this notebook has reached 85%, the left and right borders are still relatively large. At present, manufacturers like mobile phones and laptops are developing towards a comprehensive screen, and they also hope that the No.1 notebook will move in this direction in the future. The power key of onemix1s + is set at the upper right corner of the keyboard. Personally, I don’t like the design of placing the power key on the keyboard, because from my current experience, if it is touched by mistake, it will enter the standby mode. For example, if I use this laptop for the first time, it is easy to mistakenly think that this key is for delete, I personally suggest that No. 1 could have set the switch on / off button on the left and right sides of the fuselage. For example, there is no button on the left side of the onemix1s + model. You can put the on / off button on the left side. However, I don’t know whether there is any time inside the fuselage to do such things. I just give a small suggestion. If the on / off key is not placed on the left and right side of the fuselage, it can be considered to improve the current situation. At present, the key range of the switch on / off machine is the same as that of the keyboard, which is soft and soft. If you can change the key range, it will be better. Moreover, the switch key position can be marked with a more conspicuous color, so that users can have a more obvious perception The rate of accidental contact will also be reduced. < / P > < p >} onemix1s + uses a special keyboard array. If you are used to using 87 key position keyboard and 108 key position keyboard, you will not adapt to this notebook computer. I also encountered this problem when I started to use it. It is very valuable to insert a relatively comprehensive keyboard into such a small notebook If it is a small keyboard, it means that the size of some key positions will be correspondingly smaller. For example, the upper and lower case keys. In the past, in the keyboard we used, this key position was relatively long, but in the No. 1 book, the key position was relatively short and small, so there would be discomfort. If you press it down, you always feel that you are pressing the letter next to it. There is also a problem with this array of keyboards, that is, blind typing will become particularly difficult because the letters are left leaning, and the easy to understand points are misplaced. Therefore, blind typing is easy to make mistakes. I suggest that No. 1 should remove some key positions and try to restore the letter array on the ordinary keyboard, which will also facilitate people like me who can type blindly. < / P > < p >} it’s hard to imagine that in such a small notebook, a fingerprint identification module can be inserted. Here we really want to give a great praise to the designers of No.1 book. In our daily life, the most common thing is fingerprint unlocking mobile phone. I didn’t expect that fingerprint unlocking can also be carried out on notebook computers. In the past, it was necessary to input fingerprint identification module after each boot Password to unlock, now you just need to tap the fingerprint identification module, you can immediately log in to windows. Although the fingerprint unlocking method is very convenient, onemix1s + has a disadvantage, that is, it is not equipped with a camera, which leads to the failure of face recognition and unlocking. If there are both face recognition and fingerprint unlocking, I believe this notebook has achieved the ultimate in security and quickness. I hope No.1 will continue its efforts and see if it can be stuffed in later Go to a camera. < / P > < p >} onemix1s + supports 360 ° deformation and overturning. It adopts a 360 ° rotation axis design, which turns it into a tablet computer supporting windows system, which makes onemix1s + more widely used. Now I use this computer, I feel like I am using surface pro. If I finished my work, I would switch to tablet mode to catch the drama. Compared with the screen of my mobile phone, I would prefer to catch the drama in the No.1 book. After all, the 7-inch screen is still relatively large, so the experience of watching the movie is not worth mentioning. Here we need to say that after 360 ° flip, the keyboard is on the back, so it is easy to touch by mistake. However, No.1 is to solve this problem After turning over, no matter how you press the keyboard, there will be no reaction. Only when it is recovered can the keyboard work normally. For this design logic, I prefer. < / P > < p >} I don’t know if there is a tablet mode in Windows 10. As long as you open this mode, the start menu will become the start screen. At the same time, the computer desktop will display. All applications will be in the window maximization mode, and the return button can be seen in the taskbar, which has the visual sense of using Android. However, in fact, the windows 10 tablet mode and the The use of windows 10 mobile is very similar. If you have used this system, the tablet mode of windows 10 will be easy to use. However, I am not used to it. I feel that it is not as easy to use as Android and apple system, so