Point to Iran! The US sent out space forces and the Gulf began to smell of gunpowder

Subsequently, the United States decided to bypass the United Nations and impose sanctions on Iraq, and threatened other countries: anyone who sold weapons to Iran would be subject to sanctions. Unexpectedly, European countries still did not buy the account of the United States. Today, the United States still does not give up its heart, even playing the flag of the United Nations, claiming that it is imposing sanctions against the Iranian Ministry of defense and Venezuela under the authorization of the United Nations. However, the United Nations slapped the United States on the spot, claiming that “the United States has no right to decide.”. Seeing that it has never been able to get the cooperation of the United Nations, the United States simply fought alone and played the game of military pressure again. This time, the United States sent out space forces for the first time. According to Russian media reports, the first US space force has been deployed to Qatar. In this regard, Russian media ridiculed that “the US space force is not deployed on a planet in outer space.”. Recently, Iran announced two new missiles, each with a range of more than 1000 km, which can cover all US military bases in the Middle East. On September 14, Iran’s minister of information and communication technology said that Iran has completed the final test of the most advanced domestic satellite. As we all know, satellites are the eyes of missiles. At this time, the United States showed that space forces were targeted. In addition, the U.S. aircraft carrier is not idle. On September 18, the US nuclear powered aircraft carrier Nimitz sailed into the Persian Gulf on the grounds of attacking extremist organizations nearby. However, as everyone knows, the United States only targets Iran. At this time, the Persian Gulf suddenly began to smell of gunpowder. According to military common sense, if the United States intends to launch war against Iran, the aircraft carrier should not be too close to the battlefield, otherwise it will increase the probability of aircraft carrier being attacked. The United States is aggressive towards Iran, and the US Defense Minister and even Iran have made a lot of hard words, claiming that the United States will use all its strength to respond to the Iranian attack. Its purpose is to hope that Iran will sit down and negotiate with the United States and reach a new agreement with the United States. If the U.S. < / P > does not formally lift the arms embargo in the Middle East by then, the U.S. will make full efforts to lift the arms embargo before November. The United States actively promotes reconciliation between Middle East countries and Israel, and its purpose is to establish an “anti Iran alliance” in the Middle East and weaken Iran’s military advantage in the Middle East. < p > < p > Iran has almost grasped the “pulse” of the United States. Iran is not Iraq, nor is the United States. Trump is the most reluctant president in the history of the United States to fight. Even in order to explain to the domestic arms dealers, trump is more inclined to restart the arms race or provoke other countries to start wars, and the United States just makes a profit 。 Once the United States falls into the whirlpool of war, it will not only be difficult for the United States to get rid of it, but also the enemy will not be able to get rid of it. At the same time, the United Nations rarely stands on Iran’s side, with endorsement of the Iran nuclear agreement. Other countries can sell weapons to Iran openly. Anyway, the United States sanctions against Iran have never been interrupted. What is the need for Iran to negotiate with the United States? Iqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”