Police pick up mobile phones on duty and return them to the owner in time

At the morning peak on October 10, an auxiliary police officer from Weihai Road squadron of Shibei Traffic Police Brigade picked up a mobile phone while on duty, and contacted the owner in time to return the mobile phone. At about 7:20 on November 10, Zhang Youtai, an auxiliary police officer of Weihai Road squadron of Shibei traffic police brigade, carried out the early peak traffic guidance work in Zhenning bridge. When a motorcyclist passed the bridge deck, he suddenly slipped a mobile phone from his pocket and fell heavily on the road. Seeing this behind the scenes, Zhang Youtai immediately went forward and yelled at the party and picked up the mobile phone. However, at the moment, there was a large flow of people and vehicles, and the shouting was drowned in the traffic flow, and the party quickly drove away from the scene. < p > < p > after inspection, it was found that this is an 80% new Huawei mobile phone. Zhang Youtai opened the mobile phone and found that there was no screen saver set. So he searched the address book through the mobile phone, and finally contacted the owner’s wife, whose surname was Ni, who was a migrant worker from Jiangsu Province, who lived near Shandong Road temporarily. At 8:45, Zhang Youtai returned to the squadron from the morning peak. The owner, Mr. Ni, came to the squadron to wait. After carefully checking the information provided by him, the police confirmed that the mobile phone was Mr. Ni himself, and then returned the mobile phone to the owner. Mr. Ni held Zhang Youtai’s hand tightly to express his gratitude. He said: “fortunately, I met a good traffic policeman. My daughter gave her a mobile phone as a birthday gift, otherwise I would be very sad if I lost it.”. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine