“Pollen” has been looking forward to for a long time. Although Kirin chip has become a masterpiece, Huawei still has another “bottom card”

Last year, because of the “list of entities”, Google cut off the supply of Huawei. After that, news about self-developed system emerged in endlessly. Among them, Huawei’s HMS service and Hongmeng system are Huawei’s two “trumps”. For Huawei, this is a big challenge for the domestic and even the world. < p > < p > among them, HMS is one of Huawei’s self-developed services, which Huawei attaches great importance to, because HMS shoulders the mission of replacing Google’s GMS service. Therefore, it is very common to invest a lot of money to attract software developers from all over the world by various preferential ways. < / P > < p > when we thought that Huawei would be able to break through the obstacles of the United States and achieve development after the maturity of its HMS service, Huawei was again ruthlessly cut off this year, and Qilin 9000 became a “unique song”. Due to the source of technical support, Hisilicon chip has become another Huawei product that has been cut off. There is no doubt that Haisi Qilin’s cut-off of the “main output” of Huawei’s mobile phone business directly. < / P > < p > since half of the main competitiveness of Huawei’s mobile phones is embodied in Hisilicon, the serious impact of this can be imagined without Hisilicon. With the rapid growth of Huawei’s self-research service HMS and the increasing pressure on Huawei in other aspects, resulting in a much lower competitiveness, Huawei finally remembered that it had another self-made brand, Hongmeng. < p > < p > according to relevant information from the supply chain, Huawei is now considering more independent products, including mobile phones equipped with Hongmeng system. At the same time, Huawei has been studying and adapting the Hongmeng mobile phone project. However, due to the unqualified software ecology, there has been no effective progress in self-study system. However, with the improvement of HMS service and the out of print of Hisilicon, once Hongmeng mobile phone is launched, it is bound to become the next major competitiveness and key competitive factor of Huawei. So this news is not impossible. Moreover, Yu Chengdong also disclosed some news about Huawei’s plans to make Hongmeng mobile phone at the conference. What’s more, the United States has not extended its “temporary license” to Huawei as before, and many foreign media have speculated that Huawei’s Android system will not continue to be supported and upgraded by Google in the future. From this perspective, Huawei is likely to choose Hongmeng in the future. < p > < p > all kinds of situations indicate that Huawei will start to set foot in the self-development of new fields. Even without the support of American enterprises, Huawei can still achieve its due technological development. At the conference, Huawei has announced three systems of Hongmeng, namely, HOS, Vos and AOS, which can be described as “three arrows at the same time”. < / P > < p > today’s HMS is no longer the “baby” just born. With the addition of developers and the improvement of ecology, the first problem has been solved long ago. At present, it has been able to meet the user’s experience. Therefore, Hongmeng mobile phone can have it. These achievements are also the result of Huawei’s efforts in this period of time, and “pollen” has been looking forward to for a long time. < / P > < p > as time approaches September, Huawei will release its mate40 flagship system, and Hongmeng 2.0 system will also be upgraded. At that time, “pollen” may see a different Hongmeng. What kind of upgrade experience do you think this 2.0 will bring us compared with last year’s Hongmeng 1.0? Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo