“Positioning schoolbag” is coming! Beidou networking promotes downstream industry accuracy up to sub meter level

Financial Association on August 11, recently, the first Beidou Positioning schoolbag was released in Fuzhou. The positioning schoolbag uses the world’s first Beidou accelerated auxiliary positioning service Qianxun Lijian and submicron high-precision positioning service Qianxun step-by-step professional version. Through the integration and construction of Beidou foundation one network, based on cloud computing and data technology, the location service cloud platform is constructed. Users can get real-time, fast and accurate positioning through mobile app view, and realize multiple functions such as electronic fence, cross-border alarm and track tracking for up to 6 months. < p > < p > on July 31, General Secretary Xi announced in the Great Hall of the people that “beidou-3 global satellite navigation system has been officially opened”, and China has the same level of wechat navigation system as GPS in the United States. China Merchants Securities has already indicated that with the completion of the construction of Beidou system, the downstream application market of Beidou is expected to open. In 2019, the downstream market has accounted for nearly half. < p > < p > in the continuous release of Beidou network bonus, domestic children’s travel safety has always been the focus of attention. As early as December 2019, Beidou GSMC, SAR and gas services have been able to provide services. Gas is a kind of high-precision positioning service at meter level, decimeter level, centimeter level and millimeter level for users in the coverage area of Beidou reference station network by using mobile communication network or internet network. Wanlian securities predicts that the application of Beidou will be widely used in China’s mass consumption, sharing economy and people’s livelihood, and the changes in lifestyle will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, thus ushering in more demand. < / P > < p > at present, there are many kinds of products on the market to provide supporting equipment for Beidou system. According to the latest news last week, Apple will start with the iPhone 12 series to add support for Beidou navigation, which was not supported on previous iPhones. Apple has debugged the iPhone 12 series, including compatibility and testing of Beidou navigation, according to the message. Wu Tong, an analyst at Great Wall Securities, also said that the successful global networking of Beidou system will promote the Beidou industry and the satellite industry to enter a new track, and bring new highlights to the world’s satellite navigation. In terms of civil market, Beidou is accelerating the integration with new technologies such as new generation communication, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Its positioning can support sub meter precision positioning. It is expected to be widely used in industrial applications and public applications in the future, and is expected to enter a new stage of “standard configuration” development. It is suggested to pay close attention to relevant Beidou high-precision companies such as Haige communication, zhonghaida, Beidou Xingtong, Zhenxin technology, Huali chuangtong, Huace navigation, Sinan navigation and other related companies. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12

Author: zmhuaxia