Powerful not only BOE, but also the rise of a domestic screen! In just eight years, it’s worth 42 billion

In the past two years, BOE’s popularity in the market has been greatly improved due to Huawei’s help, and the screen has been recognized by more and more manufacturers and consumers. Some time ago, there was news that BOE would enter the screen supply chain of apple and Samsung mobile phones. Although in terms of the results, BOE did not achieve its goal in the end, but its ability to attract the attention of the two major manufacturers also reflects the strength of BOE from the side.

it’s worth mentioning that BOE is not the only screen company in China. In recent years, Ruoyu technology also ushered in rapid development, rising rapidly in the screen market. According to the latest news released by CITIC Securities, Ruoyu technology has invited Xin securities to serve as the guidance agency for IPO and listing of a shares, which indirectly confirms the rumor that Rouyu technology will be listed in a shares.

combined with the exposure news, the value of Ruoyu technology in the fourth quarter of 2019 will reach US $6 billion, equivalent to RMB 42 billion. The company was established in just eight years, so many investors have recognized the company’s strength. In fact, the development path of Ruoyu technology is different from that of domestic manufacturers such as BOE and csot. Instead of wasting time in the LCD screen market, Ruoyu directly chooses to conquer the OLED screen market with the greatest development prospect and the highest difficulty in the future.

in terms of the results, Rouyu technology, which seems to be against the common sense, has helped Rouyu technology to achieve remarkable results. At present, Ruoyu technology has become a leader in the global flexible technology industry and one of the fastest growing Unicorn technology start-ups in the world. In fact, most domestic users first knew about Ruoyu technology company in November 2018.

at that time, Ruoyu technology preempted Samsung and released the world’s first foldable screen mobile phone, roupai, which made Ruoyu technology famous in the industry. Although the product has many shortcomings, considering that Samsung and Huawei’s first folding screen mobile phones also have obvious shortcomings, roupai’s products have shortcomings and have won many users’ understanding. In fact, from the perspective of Rouyu technology company, roupai is more like an advertising product.

through roupai, Rouyu technology has gradually established its foothold in the smartphone market, and successfully publicized the ultra-thin features of its own flexible screen. It can be predicted that with the gradual reduction of the cost of folding screen mobile phones and the beginning of mass marketing of products, Ruoyu technology will have a very bright development prospect in the future market with its ultra-thin flexible screen. Continue ReadingASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year