Praise of the beach creative photos, not later can be shot!

The most commonly used creative shooting technique is dislocation photography. Dislocation photography is to take two different scenes from far and near into the same plane, so as to create a strange feeling of surreal size contrast. < / P > < p > the broad atmosphere of the seaside is very suitable for the background of dislocation photos, because the seaside has enough clean and concise scenes, so that the two objects involved in the size comparison have enough attention. The shell is familiar to all of us. It will give people an intuitive sense of scale. When others know “how big this thing is”, it is easier to create an intuitive understanding of space size and a sense of absurdity. < / P > < p > then fix the mobile phone with a tripod, put the shell in front of the camera lens in both hands, and let the model stand a little far away from the camera. After adjusting the position, you can shoot directly. < / P > < p > when shooting, we should pay attention to the model’s clothing to match the scene. The little sister here wore a light blue lace dress with white shells as wings, just like a fairy on the sea. < / P > < p > when shooting, you can hold the crown in one hand and the mobile phone in the other hand. Note that the Yellow crown in front of the camera should not be too close to the lens, so as to make the focus of the two objects consistent and clear. < / P > < p > prepare a small transparent glass with a little water in it. Tilt the glass to make the water inside feel like pouring out. At the same time, the model also helps to hold the glass and drink water. < / P > < p > sometimes when we directly shoot the endless sea level, it will appear dull because the picture is too straightforward. It is a good way to guide the audience into the picture by adding some props as the foreground in the open seaside scene. < / P > < p > when shooting, you should also use a tripod to fix the mobile phone on the beach, put the book in front of the camera, and turn on the timing photo taking function in the mobile phone. It is recommended to set it to 10 seconds, so as to leave more time to go to the shooting position. < / P > < p > the combination of the white paper frame and the scenery in front of you will bring you a wonderful feeling of painting in picture. The familiar scenery has different creativity, combined with the hand-in-hand movements of the characters, can attract the audience’s attention. < / P > < p > in general, we need to think about the action of the characters in the picture and the visual effect that we want to present in advance before we do the dislocation shooting. For example, the picture of a model running to the camera with a low angle is used to give people a visual sense of “shooting the sky up in the sand pit”. < / P > < p > when taking pictures with other foreground, we can also focus on the small starfish in the picture below. By comparing the front with the real, we can create a hazy and dreamy virtual environment. < / P > < p > when shooting a close-up of a character, if you feel that you are not good at posing and there is no place to put your hands, then we can bring some small props that match the scene to make the picture more vivid. < / P > < p > when taking photos at the seaside, try to avoid shooting at noon, because the light is the strongest at this time, so you can’t open your eyes when taking pictures, and you will have unnatural expression. If you can’t avoid it, you can not only weaken the light, but also modify the face shape by putting the towel on the head. < / P > < p > in order to make the picture look more powerful, we can turn on the ultra wide angle lens in the mobile phone, and use the edge deformation to make the picture originally shot closer look farther. < / P > < p > if you go to the seaside and have the habit of wearing sunglasses, don’t forget that it is also a good creative element. We can use the reflection of sunglasses, and we can easily photograph the double world. < / P > < p > you can put the sunglasses on the beach, and then fix your mobile phone to one side. After confirming the position of the model, you can focus and time to shoot the magic world of sunglasses. < / P > < p > you can also make your own visual highlights in the mirror, and the control of the picture is enhanced. That is, you can take what you want, with a novel perspective and interesting picture content, so that you can shine on other people’s streets on the beach. < / P > < p > finally, creativity is infinite. A shell, a pair of sunglasses, and a book can all produce decorative effects and create the artistic conception of the picture. In this summer, you should make an appointment with your friends and go to the beach to shoot a wave. < A= target=_ blank>Straight screen S20! Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe exposure: 1Hz high brush + snapdragon 865