Pre sale opened! Panasonic new full picture micro single Lumix S5

Matsushita is proud to launch the new full frame micro single Lumix S5, which has achieved excellent photo / video performance and excellent portability in the eyes of rigorous photographers and photographers. The design concept of Lumix S5 is to provide users with the most practical and reliable services in a down-to-earth manner, and make the most of these basic functions to the extreme, and control them within a reasonable price range, so that users can truly enjoy the value created by the products for themselves. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 is the smallest full frame product of Panasonic Lumix family so far. We redesigned the internal and external elements of the camera to ensure the shooting performance and grip experience, and achieved a significantly smaller and lighter weight than the previous products. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 also has the highly acclaimed second generation five axis dual effect I.S. The fuselage can provide the compensation effect of about 5 shutters; with O.I.S. lens, the body and lens work together, and the compensation effect is as high as 6.5. With its compact and lightweight body and excellent anti shake system, Lumix S5 makes it easier for users to take photos by hand, whether it is still photos or dynamic videos. < / P > < p > five axis dual effect I.S. with 24.2 megapixel full frame CMOS and Venus image processing engine, Lumix S5 also brings a high-resolution shooting mode of up to 96 million pixels. The Lumix S5 can also meet the performance requirements of motion photography with a shutter speed of up to 1 / 8000 seconds, continuous shooting up to 7 frames / second and an electronic viewfinder supporting a refresh rate of 120 FPS. < / P > < p > thanks to the dual native ISO technology of CMOS, Lumix S5 can take into account the tolerance when there is enough light and the signal-to-noise ratio in weak light environment. The original ISO is ISO 100 / 640 for normal shooting and ISO 640 / 4000 for v-log. Without additional settings, the camera will automatically adjust to the best shooting state according to the “photo style”. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 also has 480fps AF control and DFD technology, and carries the latest generation of agent recognition algorithm based on deep learning. In starlight only environments, Lumix S5 can also rely on high sensitivity and CMOS optimization to provide autofocus. The minimum working brightness is – 6EV, which is equivalent to the brightness of f1.4 aperture, 128 second shutter and ISO 100 normal exposure, so that the photographer can be fearless of black. < / P > < p > adhering to the excellent tradition of Lumix series, Lumix S5 also has excellent video shooting ability. It is one of the few products of the same level that supports 4K 60p and 1080180p internal recording, and supports 10bit sampling, v-log and HLG. What’s more, Lumix S5 also has the option of deformable lens which was only available in professional products in the past, which provides more possibilities for B-roll of micro film, advertising and vlog. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 has also made a number of optimization for video and vlog shooting. For example, the rotating touch screen is not only convenient for self shooting vlog and high and low angle viewing, but also the eye-catching red recording frame can make the subject clearly understand the working state of the camera. < / P > < p > the memory card slot is located on the side of the handle, and the screw hole of the tripod is close to the lens end. When it is installed on the tripod or stabilizer, it will not affect the taking and replacing of the battery and memory card. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 contains a 24.2 megapixel, 35 mm full frame CMOS sensor in the core of the camera. The sensor has a wide dynamic range, and high sensitivity can be achieved by sufficient focusing. Lumix S5 uses dual native ISO technology to record the largest ISO 51200 clear and transparent high sensitivity video. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 has high-speed and high-precision auto focusing in photo shooting and video recording. Advanced deep learning technology can detect the type and position of objects in real time, so as to realize high-speed and high-precision automatic focusing. < / P > < p > in combination with the 5-axis dual i.s.2 in the fuselage I.S. Lumix s series lens, it can even strongly compensate for blur, allowing the use of a slow shutter speed of 6.5 * 2. The rugged splash / dust proof design provides a high degree of reliability for professional photographers. < / P > < p > in order to enhance the photography experience, 96 megapixel high-resolution mode, real-time display composite function and HLG photo mode can be used. < / P > < p > thanks to energy efficiency and the new 2200mAh high-capacity battery, it can take about 470 photos / 1500 photos. It meets USB power charging and power requirements. It also supports dual SD card slots, 5GHz / 2.4GHz Wi Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 connections. Lumix s series full frame micro single camera system adopts l-mount system, which can provide users with Panasonic, Leica camera and sigma and other products for the future. Panasonic Lumix s series full frame micro single camera offers four innovative models: s1r, S1, S1H and the new S5. Lumix s1r is an ideal choice for taking high-resolution photos, Lumix S1 is an advanced hybrid model for high-quality photos and videos, while Lumix S1H is specially designed and developed for film production. Lumix S5 combines the essence of these traditional S-Series cameras in a lightweight fuselage. With this lineup, Panasonic is committed to meeting the needs of all creators by challenging the continuous development of photo / video culture in today’s new digital age. < / P > < p > * 2 based on CIPA standard [yaw / pitch direction: focus distance f = 200 mm when using s-e70200. The firmware must be updated to the latest version. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 contains a 24.2 megapixel 35mm full frame CMOS sensor. Lumix S5 takes full advantage of the spotlight and has a wide dynamic range. Noise is minimized even when shooting at the highest ISO 51200 high sensitivity. This is an ideal camera especially suitable for low light environment. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 has dual native ISO sensitivity, which is the first technology introduced in Panasonic’s varicam series. In general, when using a single local ISO image sensor, the sensitivity increases with the increase of noise. However, the image sensor with dual native ISO in S5 can minimize noise generation by selecting the best circuit according to sensitivity before gain processing. Therefore, it can record ISO 51200 high sensitivity to the maximum extent. Dual native ISO saves time by providing movie creators with more artistic choices and the ability to use less light in the scene. The dual native ISO of Lumix S5 is 640 and 4000 * 1 < / P > < p > Lumix S5 makes full use of the advantages of its high-resolution sensor to provide a high-resolution mode, which can faithfully reproduce accurate details, and save as exquisite and realistic images in raw and JPEG formats. When using the body I.S. mobile sensor, eight consecutive images are automatically taken. And the 96 million pixel equivalent image is synthesized by the Venus engine with high-speed signal processing function. This high-resolution photo is perfect for still themes or scenic photography with exquisite details using a tripod. However, by switching the sub modes, it can also be used when the scene contains moving subjects. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 integrates body I.S. for powerful handshake correction. Panasonic has developed an algorithm that can accurately calculate jitter information not only from gyroscope sensors, but also from image sensors and acceleration sensors. In this way, more accurate jitter detection and compensation can be carried out, so that the shutter speed can be reduced by 5 levels * 2. Combining the body camera with the O.I.S. Lumix s series lens, the 5-axis dual I.S. 2 correction is maximized to reduce the shutter speed by 6.5 levels * 3. It is very useful for telephoto and adverse situations, such as in low light or one handed shooting. 5-axis dual I.S. 2 for photo and video recording, including 4K. The body I.S. can compensate for camera movement even with other l-fixed lenses without O.I.S. Is used. < / P > < p > with the new real-time viewfinder feature, the camera can release the shutter at specified exposure intervals and synthesize high brightness components to produce a single image. Although the total brightness of each continuous image will be accumulated in the continuous shooting process, only the target object will be detected, and the user can synthesize them carefully in real-time shooting. This is useful for taking a snapshot of fireworks or stars in the night sky without increasing gain. < / P > < p > dynamic range measures the brightness range that a digital camera can capture. Lumix S5 can provide more than 14 dynamic range apertures, almost the same as Panasonic movie cameras, and can accurately copy all areas from dark to bright. The ability to capture accurate colors and rich skin tones is essential for any filmmaker. Lumix S5 introduces the famous colorimetric method in varicam series. Lumix S5 includes v-log / v-gamut capture, providing high dynamic range and wide color range. V-log presents a very flat image while retaining all the color information in the image. This means that when the image goes through the post production process, it can play a greater role. The CMOS sensor of Lumix S5 realizes a wide color gamut called v-gamut, which is the best color space of S5 and achieves a wider color space than bt.2020. V-log has a logarithmic curve, which is a bit reminiscent of the film, and the color space provided by v-gamut is even larger than that of film. 35 conversion LUTS for varicam motion picture cameras can be downloaded free of charge for use in Lumix S5. It is easy to match the hue with the material recorded in v-log of S1H / S1 and v-log l of GH5 / gh5s. Utilities such as waveform monitor and v-log view assist are also available. < / P > < p > provides impressive video slow and fast 4K or FHD * 2 in slow and fast mode. In this mode, af * 3 can also be used for clear focus. It can also be accessed directly using the mode dial. < / P > < p > also offers 4K HDR video recording, which copies the bright and dark parts of an image to make it look like the human eye can see. The camera records video with a specified gamma curve compatible with ITU-R bt.2100, and users can now choose a photo style mixed logarithmic gamma. The HLG * 3 photo mode provides a greater dynamic range to reproduce light and shadows at a more natural contrast. In addition to JPEG / raw files, HLG photos can also be generated as HSP files * 4 with full resolution compressed high brightness signals. Users can play these vivid images on the latest Panasonic HLG compliant Panasonic 4ktv via HDMI cable connection or other HLG compliant devices. < / P > < p > for more continuous shooting, 6K photo * 5 can capture the moment that cannot be missed at 30 FPS by extracting the frame with the best timing from the 6K continuous shot file. It’s about 18 megapixels of high-resolution photos. < / P > < p > * 2 when the frame rate is set to 150 FPS or higher, AF mode will be switched to MF. When the frame rate is set to 180 FPS, the viewing angle is reduced. Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 30 minutes. < / P > < p > * 56K photo is a high-speed continuous shooting function, which can cut still images from about 18 megapixel 4:3 or 3:2 video material managed by 6K image. < / P > < p > Lumix S5 has high-speed and high-precision autofocus in photo shooting and video recording. The combination of contrast autofocus and DFD technology can focus on the target in about 0.08 seconds * 1. As an outstanding camera for low light photography, Lumix S5 has the brightness detection performance of – 6EV * 2 and low light AF, thanks to its higher sensitivity and optimized tuning of the sensor