Price difference 300, buy glory X10 or red rice 10x? The expert’s comments are to the point!

With the advent of the 5g era, many netizens also use 5g mobile phones. Although the 5g network around us has not been fully covered, according to the plans of the three major operators, many mainstream cities in China will have 5g networks. If we want to pursue a higher quality network experience, we suggest that we should buy 5g mobile phones. However, for various reasons, many users do not have more budget to buy Huawei P40, Xiaomi 10 and other high-end models, so they also lower the standard to buy a cheap 5g 1000 yuan machine. Fortunately, with the efforts of domestic mobile phones, 5g technology has been put into the 1000 yuan machine market. At present, glory X10 is selling very well! < / P > < p > as one of the biggest competitors of glory, Xiaomi also has independent redmi brand and created Hongmi 10x with high cost performance. Its appearance also broke the deadlock and became the cheapest Xiaomi 5g mobile phone at present. However, the sales of this mobile phone were mediocre, and the number of reviews on the major third-party platforms was very few. In terms of popularity, it was not as good as glory X10, Both are 5g 1000 yuan machines. Under the 8 + 128GB storage version of the two mobile phones, the starting price of glory X10 and Hongmi 10x is 300 yuan different, but the configuration is much worse. Which one is better? The expert’s comments are to the point!

design, awesome X10 carries a 6.63 inch LCD screen, thanks to its black lift lens design, the overall screen share is also leading the red rice 10X, and supports 90Hz refresh rate, than the red rice 10X 60Hz refresh rate to give a lot of power. High refresh rate design has been the selling point of the flagship in 2020. Now glory X10 has brought it to the price of 1000 yuan machine, which is indeed full of sincerity! In terms of cameras, Sony imx600 lens of glory X10 has made great contributions to its night scene photographing ability, which is much better than Hongmi 10x’s AI four shot, especially in weak light environment! < / P > < p > both mobile phones support dual-mode 5g networks, but Huawei’s 5g technology has more obvious advantages, and it uses the 7Nm Kirin 820 processor, which supports the mainstream 5g frequency band in China. Its chip design architecture is consistent with that of Kirin 9905g, and it will be more powerful in power consumption and AI than MediaTek chips. Glory X10 covers more 5g frequency bands, but Hongmi 10x’s 5g technology can’t cover nine 5g bands. After all, Tianji 820 belongs to the low and medium-sized processor. Although there are nearly 400000 running points, its comprehensive strength is not as good as Kirin 820! In terms of design, glory X10 supports the matrix three camera module, and the glass material of the back cover looks more beautiful and generous! < / P > < p > in conclusion, the glory X10 has a stronger photo strength and adopts a lifting and full-scale screen design, so the aesthetics will be better. When combined with a better emui10 operating system, the smoothness will be higher than that of Hongmi X10. Next year will also be upgraded to the Hongmeng operating system, which is also glory X10 can not be ignored selling point! Considering that there are many cheap 5g mobile phones under Xiaomi, the best one is redmi K30 Premium Edition. With 120Hz and OLED screen technology, it also has MediaTek Tianji 1000 + chip. Obviously, it is more worthy to use than Hongmi 10x. In terms of configuration, the comprehensive strength of glory X10 is much better than Hongmi 10x. Do you agree? Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”