Profits soared 81% without Huawei! Huawei’s position in TSMC has been replaced?

Without Huawei as a big customer, everyone thinks that it will have a great impact on TSMC. But wanwan did not expect that in the second quarter, TSMC net

< p > in the newly promulgated U. “We have not received any orders from Huawei since May 15,” said the chairman of TSMC. That is to say, TSMC has made such a good achievement, and Huawei has not participated in it. It is shown that TSMC has opened Huawei hiss’ pre-set fourth quarter advanced manufacturing capacity to other customers, such as apple, Qualcomm, United Development Technology and AMD. With these big customers to eat the remaining capacity, 7Nm of TSMC will maintain full load and 5nm utilization will also be maintained in high-end. After losing Huawei, TSMC is embracing it. Although Huawei hiss has reduced the 5 nm tablet to TSMC, the relevant 5nm capacity has been covered by apple. It is not only Apple’s strong demand for 5g and high-performance computing chips, but also the high-end chip orders of other customers. Therefore, it will also promote the improvement of 5nm and 7Nm technology demand, thus further filling the remaining capacity and achieving expected revenue growth. As early as June this year, weizhe, President of TSMC, publicly expressed his confidence in finding customers to replace Huawei orders. However, the second quarter financial report proved the base of TSMC. The chip manufacturer is able to produce 5nm, 7Nm, 14nm and other chips in mass production. Throughout the entire wafer manufacturing market, there are OEM plants with a process below 7Nm. Currently, only TSMC and Samsung have more stable yield and production cycle, basically exclusive advanced process profits. The 7Nm and 5nm chips are almost in short supply, and the capacity of TSMC is full at any time. In fact, the capacity of power generation on stage has been insufficient. After Huawei withdraws its order, the spare capacity is immediately supplemented by apple, Qualcomm, Intel and other manufacturers, and is allocated. The former hot core international is not in the same heavyweight as TSMC. By contrast, the most mature process of the core international is 14nm, and it will take a long time to catch up with TSMC. Although in this turbulent 2020, the impact of the epidemic is the first and then the US’s pressure, Huawei has handed over the proud achievements of 454billion yuan. Nowadays, high-end chips can no longer be supplied. Huawei Unicorn chip will be out of print. Although the following path is still unknown, Huawei, which is very outstanding in all aspects, has long been left behind as the “light of national goods”. The future prospects will be great! Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine