Providing the possibility of “making interest a career” the “micro economy” has great treasure

Short video entrepreneurship has become a new “blue ocean”, microblog celebrities have “realized the flow”, and wechat official account has made a number of Entrepreneurs In recent years, micro economy characterized by “micro”, “short” and “fast” has come into Chinese life. The micro economy is not a small business. The national development and Reform Commission and other 13 departments jointly printed and issued a few days ago to encourage the vigorous development of micro economy. Why is micro economy getting more and more popular? At present, what are the challenges? Xiaoyu is a doctoral student of Tsinghua University and a well-known short video blogger of campus life. In his “vibrant” account, Tsinghua Campus beauty, learning tiktok sharing and personal life Vlog are the three most common themes. Two years ago, tiktok has been able to earn 1 million of his fans, earning a considerable monthly income. < / P > < p > “the micro economy based on short video platform reflects a kind of traffic economic effect. Short video bloggers gain more and more influence on the platform by publishing original short videos, and the accompanying large number of fan traffic gives the bloggers opportunities to carry out paid brand promotion and sign up for operation teams. This has gradually become a profit model, and also provides us short video lovers with the possibility of “making interest a career.” Xiaoyu said. < p > < p > industry insiders pointed out that, including short video, micro economy includes micro innovation, micro application, micro product, micro film, micro fitness, micro tourism and other forms, which are reflected in all aspects of daily life. < / P > < p > “the core of micro economy is micro innovation, which is a new business form based on the mature platform economy and realized by small and micro innovation. Micro invasive new can be digital content products such as text, image, sound, video and so on released on various platforms, or it can also be the diversified services provided by the platform, such as travel, catering and retail. ” Liang Wei, an assistant researcher at the circulation and Consumption Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said. < / P > < p > this time, the national development and Reform Commission and other 13 departments jointly issued a clear proposal to support the orderly development of online diversified social networking and short video platform, and encourage innovation of micro innovation, micro application, micro product and micro film. For the first time, < / P > < p > micro economy has entered the vision of official documents, which is closely related to its rapid development in recent years. Take micro film and short video as an example. According to the results released recently, as of June 2019, the number of online video users in China has reached 759 million, and the number of short video users has reached 648 million, which exceeds that of 639 million users of long video, accounting for 75.8% of the total Internet users. The average daily use time of short video exceeds that of long video, accounting for 33.1% of the increment of mobile Internet duration, and the utilization rate of short video among new Internet users is as high as 53.2%. < p > < p > in Liang Wei’s view, in recent years, micro economy in China has been developing steadily, showing great development potential, and attracting more and more young people to join this new business form. According to a recent release by the national development and Reform Commission, in 2019, there will be 4.467 million newly registered young entrepreneurs, an increase of 4%; and 741000 college students, an increase of 9%. < / P > < p > “there is no need for offline stores, low input cost, and in line with the current consumption trend. These factors make more and more people choose to join the e-commerce industry.” Xiang Yan, a partner of an e-commerce clothing brand, said, “today’s young people are very smart. In such a” blue ocean “of Internet economy, as long as they are willing to use their brains and willing to work, everyone can create more development possibilities for themselves.” Since its opening in Taobao in July last year, Xiangyan’s store attention has increased by more than 20000 people. The store’s wechat has more than 1600 customers, and the average monthly turnover has reached more than 80000 yuan. According to He Jun, a researcher at the Institute of industrial economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, there are at least two reasons for the booming micro economy. First, the development of Internet economy, based on the Internet platform, micro innovation, micro applications, micro products and other micro economy has a foundation for development; second, the degree of technology modularity is getting higher and higher, the platform architecture design is determined by the platform positioning, and the user-friendly “modular” interface design is located in this kind of platform with user participation. For example, tiktok users upload videos with simple interface, clear functions, filters, music and editing tools, and upload videos in just one minute, which undoubtedly inspired the enthusiasm of short video lovers in content creation. < / P > < p > for the development of micro economy, each platform is increasing support. Tiktok tiktok has launched the “master billion Subsidy Scheme”, “new farmer plan” supporting the contents of “three rural” content, and “Star project” for high potential people. Through the support policies such as traffic support, work subsidy and skill training, the video content creators in different fields can produce more original works of quality; The public welfare project of “micro entrepreneurship support plan” launched five measures, including joint training, standard, shared courses, trend guidance and open tools, to provide diversified entrepreneurial solutions and support policies for franchised chains and various small, medium and micro enterprises. < / P > < p > experts point out that nowadays, the fragmentation, convenience and personalized “micro demand” in people’s daily life is growing day by day. With the rapid development of 5g, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies, the creation, dissemination and acquisition of music, reading, information, health, culture and other life and entertainment contents are more obtained in micro applications, micro products and micro devices The micro economy entity, which is micro, distributed and intensive, has gradually become a beneficial supplement to the economic and social development. The more refined, personalized and practical micro economic entity meets the diversified needs of people. As a new business mode, micro economy plays an increasingly important role in social life. < / P > < p > “the creation of public innovation atmosphere, the rapid development of platform economy, and the continuous upgrading of consumer demand are all boosting the continuous emergence of vitality of this new business form of micro economy.” Liang Wei said. < / P > < p > “in the field of short video, many well-known bloggers will choose to sign contracts with operators, but there is still no clear industry standard for the division of interests between operators and bloggers.” “Many bloggers are in a dilemma:” it’s hard for them to get the investment and flow resources by themselves. The contracting organizations often lose the absolute right to speak on content creation, and are often at a disadvantage in terms of rights and interests protection and benefit distribution, “Xiaoyu said Xiang Yan said: “the e-commerce industry can be described as” the flow of success and the flow of failure. “. As a small seller still in its infancy, e-commerce platform is very passive under a very mature bidding mechanism. Without sufficient budget, no money to participate in promotion, and unable to compete with big brands and popular online stores, the passion of many e-commerce entrepreneurs has been eroded a little bit. ” < p > < p > industry insiders have pointed out that the micro economy, which extends to all walks of life, has also exposed various problems: the rights and interests of friends’ circle to buy goods and return goods cannot be guaranteed; microblog promotes “soft and wide” malicious marketing, causing users’ disgust; short videos are full of vulgar, pornographic and violent content; micro films are shoddy and “treat the audience as fools” < / P > < p > “if you get on the horse, you still need to take a ride.” Liang Wei said, “as far as the government departments are concerned, in order to promote the sustainable development of micro economy, it is necessary to find a balance between stimulating innovation and effective supervision, so as to effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers, and effectively stimulate the innovation vitality of multiple subjects, so as to guide the healthy development of the industry. As far as the Internet platform providing the soil for micro economic development is concerned, each platform should undertake certain regulatory responsibilities for the commodities and services provided by multiple subjects on the platform. ” < / P > < p > the proposal of this release is to implement the growth plan of new business forms, establish a directory of growth oriented enterprises with new business forms such as micro economy, and timely track and promote the solution of policy blocking points of enterprises. < p > < p > the proposal issued by the national development and Reform Commission and the central network information office a few days ago supports enterprises to provide entrepreneurship opportunities for owners and makers of small and medium-sized and micro enterprises through opening and sharing resources. It provides diversified employment services such as vocational training, supply and demand docking, social security services, commercial insurance and other multi-level labor security for free designers, online car Hailing drivers, free housekeepers, takeout riders, online matchmakers, online fitness coaches, free photographers, content creators, etc. In the proposal issued by the general office of the State Council at the end of July, it is necessary to set reasonable regulatory rules for Internet platform economy and other new business forms and modes, and encourage Internet platform enterprises and intermediary service agencies to reduce service fees and franchise management fees. < / P > < p > “microeconomics represents a development trend of informatization, intelligence and modularization. For new things, it is normal to have some problems in the initial stage of development, so we should have an inclusive attitude.” He Jun said that with more and more perfect technology and more standardized protection of intellectual property rights, micro economy will surely usher in greater opportunities to further promote the construction and development of platform economy and digital economy. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!