PS VR support will be added to PS4 version of my world in September

Playstation announced that it will add Playstation VR support for PS4 this month, and this update will be free to all PS4 players. < p > < p > Sony launched PS4 last year and has been working with mojang to bring the unique experience of this popular sandbox game into the virtual reality world through Playstation VR. In addition, according to foreign media reports, this PS VR can be supported by the help of skybox labs. According to the introduction, there are two main modes of experience in PS VR: immersion and living room. Immersive game is similar to many VR games. 360 ° entry into VR environment brings more realistic and generative game experience. In contrast, the living room mode may be more like the form of “watching traditional 2D and 3D video in VR environment”, that is to say, after wearing the head display, it provides a large screen level screen in the virtual space to meet the game experience needs of players. The advantage is that you can still play on the sofa or even in bed; the disadvantage is that you feel less immersed. < / P > < p > but we can’t confirm which mode experience is better. Players can switch modes and choose their own playing method. But at present, compared with the living room mode, perhaps immersion can “100%” show the unique experience of VR version.

is reported that Mojang and SkyBox are currently debugging the update, Grandpa will not be released until September. But I believe mojang and Sony won’t let players wait too long this time. Video Number assistant internal test online! Four functions let you send 1g video on the computer