Put a piece of metal on the back of the mobile phone, and the signal can change from 1 grid to 3 grid?

Just put a metal patch on the “effective position” on the back of the mobile phone, and the signal can be changed from 1 grid to 3 grid, so that playing games and swiping video will not be delayed Recently, a Hangzhou consumer, Mr. Cheng, told reporters that he was cheated by “mobile phone signal enhancement post”. < / P > < p > for a period of time, it has been a hot selling network of “enhancement stickers” that can enhance mobile phone signals in “full scene”. Is this little sticker “black technology” or “black” customers? Xinhua reporters conducted an investigation. < / P > < p > the signal of underground garage is poor, the game network is unstable, and the signal of high-rise office building is sometimes good or bad The reporter found that in many well-known e-commerce platforms, there are mobile phone signal enhancement stickers selling well, claiming to meet the needs of mobile phone users to improve the signal. < / P > < p > the prices of such commodities range from 3 yuan to 70 yuan. Some businesses sell more than 1000 orders a month, and some merchants sell more than 100000 orders. A number of business customer service to the reporter to show the product description pictures are written “hot at home and abroad” and other words. < / P > < p > relevant businesses claim that such enhanced stickers can intelligently amplify signals, and can be fully applied in basements, villas, mountainous areas and rural areas, and the signals of all operators can be greatly improved. Some businesses also told reporters that several mobile phone signal enhancement stickers can improve the performance of mobile phones, reduce radiation levels, prolong battery life and other functions, and provide relevant product instructions “proof”. < p > < p > at present, there are many brands of signal enhancement stickers on e-commerce platforms, but most of them are irregular products. The reporter found that the production and sales scope of many brand manufacturers did not include the enhanced stickers through Tianyan’s app query. However, there was no product qualification certificate in the packaging of several brands of enhanced stickers purchased by the reporter, and the merchants could not provide them.

“tiktok and WeChat group can be seen from time to time.” Many consumers said that because of the online recommendation to buy the enhancement post, but found that the effect is not consistent with the publicity. Some consumers commented that “there is no effect at all, or the signal is very poor. Think about it carefully. If you don’t have a chip, how can you read mobile phone information? How can you modify system settings and optimize the network? “. < / P > < p > the reporter inquired about the effect and principle of the sticker, and the customer service replied: “as long as the back cover of the mobile phone is not glass, it can be enhanced. After pasting, the signal of one grid can be enhanced to three grids.” “The principle is that stickers can increase the wavelength of the phone.” Is the statement < / P > < p > credible? Li Jinxin, Professor of School of electronic information, Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology, showed reporters the results of the field experiment of mobile phone signal enhancement stickers to reporters in Zhejiang weilik communication laboratory. From the perspective of material and structure, Li Jinxin said that the most advanced type of signal enhancement stickers claimed by merchants is that a plastic sheet is coated with a layer of aluminum film, and the aluminum film is also printed with a layer of material similar to magnetic ink. < / P > < p > regarding the statement that “the principle of enhancement paste is to enhance the receiving range of signals by lengthening the wavelength of the received signals from the built-in antenna of mobile phones”, Li Jinxin said: “this does not make sense in principle.” < p > < p > he told reporters that, first of all, the wavelength can not be “stretched” in real life; secondly, it needs energy to amplify anything, and the sticker belongs to “passive antenna” and can not provide energy for effectively amplifying signals. < p > < p > Li Jinxin said that different mobile phone models and operators lead to different mobile phone signal frequencies. To achieve resonance, it must be the same as the corresponding mobile phone signal frequency. At present, even if a sticker can produce a certain resonance, it is impossible to meet all mobile phone frequencies, and it is impossible to realize the “full scene” application claimed by businesses. < / P > < p > according to experts, the unit representing the signal strength of mobile phones is DBM. Since the signal strength of mobile phones is generally small, DBM is generally negative. The reporter saw in the laboratory scene that when the mobile phone is fixed in a position and there is no sticker on the mobile phone, the signal strength value fluctuates from – 81 DBM; when the mobile phone has a sticker, the signal strength value fluctuates between – 85 DBM and – 79 DBM. < / P > < p > “the higher the value of DBM, the better the signal. In the experimental scenario, the fluctuation range of test change is within the range of plus or minus 3dB. In laboratory scenario tests, stickers have little signal enhancement capability. ” Zhejiang Willick Communications Co., Ltd. senior engineer Lu Xiaoliang said. < / P > < p > “we also tested in fast-moving subways, open spaces, elevators, etc. The result is that after the enhancement paste is attached, the mobile phone signal does not increase but decreases. ” LV Xiaoliang said that if the mobile phone signal enhancement paste really has the “black technology” effect, the medium and high-end mobile phones have been built-in this solution for a long time, and consumers do not have to pay extra to buy. < / P > < p > the “quantum” medical equipment that can “cure all kinds of diseases”, the “graphene” thermal clothing that can “repair the skin relaxation”, the “artifact” anti blue light product to prevent myopia, and the “hypoglycemic rice cooker” with the “hypoglycemic reduction of 70%” The reporter found that in recent years, many products under the guise of “black technology” have cheated consumers in the market. Experts said that there are many “accomplices” in the popularity of fake high-tech products. < p > < p > the “pseudo science popularization” on the Internet misleads consumers. “Signal enhancement is only related to the signal strength received by the mobile phone terminal.” Li Jinxin said that many people have misunderstandings about the communication rate. If the signal is strong, the download rate will be faster, but it is not absolute. Data download depends not only on the network, but also on the server and the number of users who output the data. “On the Internet, it is a false proposition that signal enhancement can improve the download rate.” Li Jinxin said. Reporters found that many of the “tiktok” videos were released on the vibrato numbers, some of which were obviously marked. < / P > < p > some online businesses take advantage of the mentality of “low cost and low price, and consumers will use them when they buy them. If they don’t use them, they won’t suffer too much loss”. They sell half of them and cheat them and make profits. < / P > < p > some network e-commerce platforms failed to compact the main responsibility, and there were still loopholes in the inspection and detection of relevant business qualifications and commodity certificates. For some products that have been repeatedly exposed and processed by media and market regulators, some platforms have not been thoroughly cleaned up and disposed of. Yang Jianhua, President of Zhejiang social association, said that at present, some “fake science and technology” products make use of the public’s demands for health care and convenience to fabricate functions and boast about their effects, while ordinary people often lack the ability to judge whether they are true or not. He suggested that the market supervision, network and other departments should work together to strengthen the supervision of false advertising of “pseudo science and technology” products. In particular, the false advertising information appearing in the form of “pseudo science popularization” in online videos and social networking platforms should be seriously cleaned up. In addition, the main responsibility of the regulatory authorities for the network platform should always maintain a high pressure situation, and urge them to effectively self check. Chen Yinjiang, Deputy Secretary General of the Consumer Protection Law Research Association of China law society, said that according to the consumer protection law, operators should provide consumers with true and comprehensive information about the quality, performance and use of goods or services, and should not make false or misleading publicity. In the name of “pseudo science and technology”, playing with concepts and marketing, misleading and deceiving consumers may constitute fraud. Once the fraud is constituted, consumers can claim compensation of three times the price of the goods. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally