Qi Wei clocked it out! ARTONE, a high-quality and high-quality fashion technology, is practical and high-quality

Bags have a unique charm for women. They are essential fashion items for many stars and trendsetters. In the TV series, the bags are the status symbol in the afternoon tea party of wives, which shows the charm of this piece. However, different from the rich ladies, more urban women pursue real fashion beauty and quality life. Therefore, recently, there is a special bag ARTONE light and thin, which has become the new favorite of sisters. Even big sister Qi Wei of fashion calls for it! < / P > < p > then why is ARTONE lightweight a special bag? The biggest reason is its fashionable appearance and light-weight characteristics. Like many high-end bags, ARTONE’s material is made of selected Italian top-level calf leather, and after more than 50 layers of polishing process, it shows unique litchi lines, and it feels warm and silky. The key point is that the logo on the a surface is also made of 18K gold, which is matched with top-level design and grinding, which brings excellent quality. < / P > < p > the a side of ARTONE is pure and clean pearl white color matching, plus Rose Gold Logo embellishment, fashionable and high-level breath comes. The key is that such a temperament of the fuselage is also very thin, it is about 1.3KG light, about 18.9mm thin, “slim body” in the hand like a warm and delicate bag, take out the street quite fashionable. Urban users take ARTONE mobile office and sit in cafes and other places everyday, and the rate of return is certainly not low. In addition, Qi Wei, Zhang Yuqi, Bai Yu and other stars have been exposed to ARTONE before, which shows that it is really very gratifying. < / P > < p > if you think ARTONE is just a “vase” because of its high-level and light design, you are wrong. As a notebook computer specially designed for urban female white-collar workers, ARTONE not only has high appearance value, but also is quite practical. It has all the functions of ordinary light-weight books. For example, with 10 generations of Core i7 processor, combined with 2GB independent graphics card, the performance can easily meet the needs of daily scenarios. In addition, the maximum optional 16GB 2133mhz memory + 1TB SSD, the large space and high-speed transmission effect make the user’s daily experience in place. < / P > < p > in addition to performance and memory, the endurance of ARTONE is also one of its highlights. Although its fuselage is very thin, it can achieve a service life of up to 14 hours, which can easily meet the needs of users’ mobile office for a whole day, and it doesn’t need to take a charger when going out, and the pressure is less. The details of the design are also very interesting. ARTONE has the classic little heel design of ASUS, and the fuselage is equipped with screenpad 2.0 function. Besides the main screen, ARTONE is a sub screen placed on the C side besides the main screen. It can offer a variety of dual screen experiences, and greatly improve the efficiency of work and entertainment scenes. This is one of the reasons why fashion celebrities love it. < / P > < p > generally speaking, ARTONE’s light and thin bag is favored by many fashion sisters, which is indeed the strength. It uses exquisite calfskin and 18K gold as the appearance material, combined with multiple processes, careful grinding and fashionable color matching, it looks very high-grade and exquisite. In addition, ARTONE has excellent performance in performance, endurance, memory and detail design. It is a right-hand assistant for urban women to pursue high-quality life. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia