Qianxin and Hisense signed a strategic agreement to promote submarine IDC in Hainan

On the evening of August 16, Qianxin announced that the company signed a contract with Hisense to carry out the demonstration application and industrial promotion of green data center in Hainan free trade port, so as to help realize the safe and free flow of data in the free trade port, and realize deep industrial integration and mutual benefit and win-win situation. Founded in 2014, Qianxin is mainly engaged in providing a new generation of enterprise level network security products and services to government and enterprise customers. With continuous R & D innovation and the security capability with actual combat as the core, the company has developed into a leading network security supplier based on big data, artificial intelligence and security operation technology. As a large network security enterprise, the number of employees has exceeded 7000, and the customers cover most of the central government departments, enterprises directly under the central government and banks. < p > < p > on July 22, this year, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the launch of the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Qianxin officially landed on the science and technology innovation board. Its offering price is 56.1 yuan / share, and the latest closing price is 106.76 yuan / share, with a total market value of 72.6 billion yuan. According to the disclosure of Qianxin, the company will actively explore the practice and application of green big data center innovation technology with Hisense, boldly try the first trial of green big data center in Hainan Province, establish industry innovation benchmark and regional typical demonstration, contribute to the construction of Hainan free trade port, and lay the foundation for the promotion and operation of green big data center in the national industry Foundation. < p > < p > among them, Qianxin is responsible for participating in the information security service guarantee of the submarine big data center; participating in the design planning, demonstration and subsequent application promotion of the green big data center demonstration project; hailanxin is responsible for the key core technology breakthrough and product development of the submarine big data Center products; it is responsible for the demonstration project planning, construction scheme preparation, and organization of the third-party demonstration review Survey of water area in demonstration construction area, implementation of underwater engineering, continuous technical improvement, engineering and industrialization; responsible for operation and market promotion of submarine IDC. According to Qianxin, the signing of the above agreement will establish a strategic cooperation relationship between the two sides, give full play to their respective advantages, realize deep industrial integration and mutual benefit and win-win situation, promote the implementation of innovative business in green big data center, and realize the business layout of safe and orderly data flow in the overall plan of Hainan free trade port. < p > < p > the reporter of securities times · e company noted that in the record sheet of investor relations activities disclosed on the evening of August 12, Hisense had made in-depth explanation on the submarine data center. Under the background of “new infrastructure”, submarine IDC is formed by comprehensive utilization of ocean engineering technology and big data technology in accordance with land and sea overall planning and intensive sea use demand. It has the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction and multi energy complementary, and has established a standardized, modular, high-density, green and energy-saving data center infrastructure in a certain depth of the seabed. “Compared with traditional IDC, submarine IDC has obvious advantages of low construction cost and operating cost because it uses huge amount of seawater for cooling and does not need refrigeration facilities, so it can help Internet customers greatly reduce operating costs.” < p > < p > according to the announcement, the submarine IDC has the characteristics of fast construction and short construction period. The period from manufacturing to normal use of submarine IDC only takes about 90 days, while the traditional IDC takes 2-3 years. Secondly, the financial, Internet streaming media content, games and other industries have extremely strict requirements on network delay, and the submarine IDC deployed in coastal areas can effectively reduce data transmission Finally, based on the above-mentioned water-saving and power-saving features of submarine IDC, it naturally has the characteristics of “energy-saving and environmental protection”, which has great advantages in the construction approval process. According to the introduction, Hisense’s submarine IDC is in the prototype manufacturing stage, “it is expected to complete the construction of demonstration prototype within this year, and officially launch commercial solutions in 2021.” Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo