Qianxun teacher takes you easy to shoot flowers: this small equipment for shooting macro makes you forget the macro lens

You are welcome to pay attention to this column. Through the study of this column, you will be free from all doubts about flower photography, let you learn flower photography skills systematically, and improve your flower photography level to the greatest extent, and let you become a flower photographer.

many photographers will tell you that you must use professional macro lens to shoot macro flowers, but this is not the case. Macro lenses are usually expensive and cumbersome to shoot, and you need to take a large number of images to choose from. For this reason, although many photographers like macro works very much, they kept a distance at that time. It doesn’t matter. I’d like to share a little skill here. With the help of some lenses you have on hand, even those with decades of history, you can get excellent macro effects by using a small device with a few yuan.

first of all, I would like to mention that the technology we are sure to adopt is not necessarily real macro photography, but it will produce effects similar to macro images. We’ll use the lens you already have and a device called “reverse loop” to get close macro effects. The reverse ring is a small metal ring with standard filter thread on one side and lens mounting thread on the other side. In this way, you can reverse the normal focus or zoom lens to the camera to take full advantage of its magnification.

if you have only one lens, you have no choice but to use it. But if you have a lot of lenses, and almost all of them support reverse loops, the question is, which lens will work best?

Author: zmhuaxia