Qizhi community presents at the 2020 global smart Expo, offering a reward of 10 million prize for outstanding developers

According to the news on August 17, with the rapid development of the new generation of information technology and the continuous improvement of the open source ecosystem, open source plays an important leading role in technological innovation, ecological construction and digital transformation. At the 2020 global AI Product Application Expo, Huang Tiejun, Secretary General of the new generation of AI industry technology innovation strategic alliance, solemnly released the “Qizhi community excellent developers incentive plan – Qimeng action”, offering a reward of 10 million for “excellent developers of Qizhi community”. At the same time, Qizhi community also organized and held a forum on open source technology and ecological construction of new generation artificial intelligence. Wang Huaimin, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, attended and said that open source is a trend bred and produced in our era. We need Qizhi community, which belongs to China’s own brand, and finally build a new generation of open-source artificial intelligence platform for the world, benefiting mankind. < p > < p > in recent years, China’s open source community has developed rapidly, open source activities have become more active, and they have made more contributions and voices in global open source. Especially, the technology enterprises led by Huawei and Alibaba have established a relatively complete open source system, which plays an important role in global open source activities. Under the background of the national implementation of the new generation of artificial intelligence development strategy, the new generation of artificial intelligence industry technology innovation alliance organizes industry, University, research and application to jointly build and share the open source community. Facing the new generation of AI open source common key technologies, openi will continue to gather open source software, open hardware, open data and other AI resources, and build openi technology chain, innovation chain and ecological chain, aiming to promote the healthy and rapid development of artificial intelligence technology and its wide application in various fields of society. According to Huang Tiejun, as the most important task of the alliance, the new generation of open-source artificial intelligence platform “openi Qizhi community” has formed a preliminary open-source community platform framework after two years of construction, which is divided into three levels: infrastructure hardware, software environment connecting various hardware facilities, and algorithm framework. At present, “openi Qizhi community” includes more than 20 excellent open source projects, providing a good software and hardware foundation for the development of artificial intelligence in China. < / P > < p > in order to promote the construction of “openi Qizhi community”, encourage more developers to actively participate in the work of Qizhi community, gather and cultivate many excellent talents and high-quality projects for Qizhi community, and finally build an artificial intelligence open-source community with international influence, the new generation of artificial intelligence industry technology innovation strategic alliance officially released the “dream action” on August 14 Developers who make substantial contributions to the project development shall be encouraged, and the total bonus shall not be less than 10 million within three years. < p > < p > has been published on the official website of Qizhi community to solicit opinions on revision, and the implementation can be started after the draft is finalized. The release of “dream action” will boost the strategic goal of “China’s new generation of artificial intelligence to achieve the world’s leading position in 2030” through co construction, sharing and open-source on the new generation of artificial intelligence open-source platform. From now on, we have established the honorary title of “excellent developer of Qizhi community”. Any developer who actively submits and maintains the project in the construction and operation of Qizhi community, opens data sets and project code, and makes outstanding contributions to project update, iteration, incubation, community open source project promotion and industrialization, will have the opportunity to obtain the honorary title of “excellent developer of Qizhi community” and be awarded the title of “excellent developer of Qizhi community” Get corresponding material reward. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?