Qualcomm releases snapdragon 8cx Gen 25g for notebook computers

Pinplay reported on September 3 that Qualcomm today announced its snapdragon 8cx Gen 25g for PCs, which provides better performance and endurance, supports 5g connectivity, supports enterprise class security and AI acceleration, as well as advanced camera and audio technology. < p > < p > the goal set by the first generation of Qualcomm 8cx is Intel’s eighth generation U-series core i5, while in the second-generation snapdragon 8cx, the benchmark is Intel’s 10th generation core i5, which promises an overall performance improvement of 18% and an increase of 39% per watt. Compared with the mixed solution of Intel Lakefield, the integrated performance is improved by 51% and the performance per watt is improved by 58%. < / P > < p > the architecture of the second generation snapdragon 8cx has not been adjusted, so the snapdragon x55 5g Modem RF system is not integrated. OEMs have to buy a package that includes chipsets and modems. However, unlike all 5g PCs driven by Intel, snapdragon supports both sub6 and mmwave 5g. Privacy Policy