Qualcomm releases the first snapdragon 6 series 5g mobile platform to promote the popularization of global 5g experience

On June 17, Qualcomm announced the launch of its first snapdragon 6-series 5g mobile platform, the snapdragon 6905g mobile platform. The new platform aims to further promote the popularity of global 5g experience, and provide excellent terminal side AI and smooth entertainment experience. OEM / ODM manufacturers including HMD global, LG Electronics, Motorola, sharp, TCL and Wentai all plan to launch smart phones equipped with snapdragon 690.

“At present, more than 375 5g terminals using the 5g solution have been released or are under development. We are actively promoting the popularity of 5g in multi tier terminals, so that more users can experience the new generation of shooting, AI and game functions,” said Mr. anmon, President of Qualcomm. Expanding 5g technology to snapdragon 6 series is expected to bring 5g experience to more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide. “

For the first time, snapdragon 690 will bring many of the most popular top mobile experiences to snapdragon 6 series, including taking more than 1 billion colors of 4K HDR video (true 10 bit) and 192 million pixels of snapshots. Snapdragon 690 also supports 120Hz display refresh rate and smooth UI experience, while 5g connection allows players to play multiplayer cloud games anytime, anywhere. With the latest AI engine, the fifth generation of Qualcomm’s AI engine, snapdragon 690 can provide intelligent photographing, video shooting, voice translation, advanced AI imaging, and game experience enhanced by AI. In addition, the snapdragon 690 uses the Qualcomm kryo 560 CPU, which improves the performance by up to 20% compared with the previous generation platform. The new snapdragon X51 5g modem and RF system are designed for the snapdragon 6-series platform, which will bring thousands of megabits of connection speed and excellent 5g network coverage for the first time.

Juho sarvikas, chief product officer of HMD global, said: “just like the Android experience we built on Nokia smartphones, our support for 5g is designed for future experience. Earlier this year, we were the first manufacturer to build a smartphone with the modular platform of Qualcomm snapdragon 765G 5g. Nokia 8.3 5g illustrates our vision of providing a global 5g experience that can truly stand the test of the future. With the launch of snapdragon 690 mobile platform, we are happy to bring the company’s vision of future 5g and global 5g roaming to more Nokia mobile phone lovers. Users can enjoy our puredisplay and Zeiss imaging innovative technology and 5g use cases worth experiencing at a more affordable price. We are looking forward to sharing more information about this exciting product with our users. Please look forward to it. “

“5g really redefines the way consumers interact with their terminals,” said Dr. in Kyung Kim, senior vice president of 5g and network technology and strategy at LG Electronics. Through the snapdragon 690 mobile platform, LG will expand the 5g enabling technology to lower price products. “

Sergio buniac, President of Motorola mobility, said: “we are committed to expanding 5g into the company’s product portfolio and will continue to do so through the new snapdragon 690 mobile platform. This is particularly important for us to continue to bring 5g experience to more consumers around the world. With the expansion of network deployment, our product portfolio is constantly enriched. “

Shigeru Kobayashi, general manager of Sharp’s personal communication systems division, said: “sharp attaches great importance to 5g expansion, and we strongly support the launch of the first snapdragon 6 series 5g mobile platform by Qualcomm.”

Chen Ji, vice president of TCL communications and general manager of global product center, said: “at present, TCL has launched smart phones equipped with snapdragon 7 Series 5g mobile platform. We very much support the release of snapdragon 690 mobile platform. TCL is committed to providing 5g terminals with high cost performance and affordable price, so that 5g, an important technology, can benefit a wider range of consumers. “

Wang Hao, President of Wentai sales, said: “Wentai has developed many terminal products for manufacturers around the world based on the 5g solutions of Qualcomm. With the expansion of 5g in 2020, we look forward to bringing more 5g products with rich price range to global consumers through the cooperation of both sides. “

It is reported that the commercial terminal carrying snapdragon 690 will be available in the second half of 2020. With the launch of Xiaolong 690, there will be more than 1800 terminals that have been released or are under development using Xiaolong 6-series mobile platform.

(editor in chief: Yang Yubo and LV Qian)